Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jayden Enjoying His First Baseball Game!

Pictures sent from Paw's phone:

Jayden checking out the new Citi Field aka Debits Field (it has been said that the new ball field has been built to look much like Ebbets Field, and now that the bailout of Citibank has added to the burden of the taxpayers many people feel that a more appropriate name would be Debits Field and I agree) .

Jayden enjoying a hot dog!

Waiting patiently for the game to start! (New York Mets vs San Diego Padres)

Jackie Robinson Tribute

First pitch!

Jayden lasted three innings before he asked Paw to take him home! But he told me he loved it!


  1. Hey, how did you guys get tickets and why wasn't I notified!

  2. Sorry, Katie's boss gave her only two tickets.

  3. Jayden looked very happy. Was he able to sit through the whole game? It brings back memories of when I saw Ernie Banks hit his 500th home run at Wrigley Field in my home town of Chicago!Don't live there anymore but I sure do miss city life sometimes.

  4. Sorry I just noticed where Jayden only lasted three innings.Still not a bad start!

  5. To be fair to Jayden. We got to the game two hours early and were in our seats an hour before the game started. He said it was a "very long game" and for a four-year-old that was a long time.

    He was excellent! He said he has a great time, and I know it was the best game I ever went to.

    Thanks to Katie (Jayden's mommy) for the tickets and the opportunity.

  6. When the sports came on the news this morning, he saw part of the game on tv, and he said, "Look at the TV Mommy! That's the baseball game! There's the Mets team in the white, and there's the Padres team in the dark white!"

    He really, REALLY enjoyed himself! And, he even ate some of the popcorn Paw brought home from the game for breakfast!