Monday, April 27, 2009

Merry Monday

Merry Monday is taken from another blog, but I forget which one otherwise I would credit the blogger, if I come across it again I will give credit where credit is due. I will only be using it for this Monday anyway and it will not be used every Monday because I don’t want to pilfer this title, I’m just doing a little ‘borrowing’ for today. Well, it’s a so-so Merry Monday as I didn’t get accomplished everything I wanted to get done from my ‘weekend forecast’, but there were some things not on my list that got done, so that sort of makes up for the things left undone!

Ray did go golfing and he did get the sink base primed on Saturday! This sink should really go into a Friday Favorite because this sink is one of my favorites for sure! My friend Barbara gave me this sink when she was having her kitchen done over. I always loved this big old sink, in fact, I always loved Barbara’s old kitchen, it was small and it was original to her house, and she had painstakingly stripped her kitchen cabinets down to bare wood, she had ceramic tiled counter tops, linoleum on the floor, and this big old sink (I wish I had thought to take some before and after pictures of her kitchen for all to see).
Her new kitchen is beautiful too, so bright with a big bay window over her new stainless sink, stainless appliances, pretty oak cabinets, granite counter tops, a very pretty slate tiled floor (that’s heated!!). And now it is all opened to her dining room, a bright, airy, big, open space. Certainly it’s nothing to turn your nose up at!

But I’m wishing she had done her kitchen over before Ray and I did our kitchen over because I would have had Ray design a kitchen around this old sink! The sink is scratched and marred and time-worn, but that is one of my loves in life! I would have designed a very shabby chic kitchen instead of the more modern design we have now (which Ray actually is very happy I didn’t have this sink before our new kitchen design because he’s so practical and is always thinking of re-sale value [and he figures shabby chic is not a selling point], while I am just thinking in ‘home and hearth’ mode all the time). Anyway, Ray and his brother Donald very kindly went and picked up this very heavy (almost 300 lbs!) sink from Barbara’s house, transferred it to our house in the back of Ray’s new car, then they built a base for it on our back deck, and then again using their muscle power lifted this very heavy sink up onto the base (no easy feat), and just this weekend Ray completed the job by attaching some decorative wood pieces to the base and then primed and painted it. And I’ve made him promise that if we ever move, this sink is coming with us! I absolutely love it! And I truly appreciate all the toil and labor that these two men put into this project!
Here are the results of all Ray and Donald’s hard work.

Okay, back to the weekend forecast, I was also going to finish cleaning out the back room and rearrange furniture on Saturday, but instead I slept in Saturday morning, and then decided to bake a new cookie recipe (very happy results!), and then I opted to visit my favorite blogs and help Jayden dress like a pirate and have some fun with him, then before I knew it Ray was back from golfing and said he was too tired to move furniture around and asked me if I wanted to go shopping! And when I weighed cleaning against shopping, well, of course shopping won! And since it was such a beautiful day, when we got back Ray primed the sink base outside and I opted to do some cleaning up outside instead of inside, and I also rearranged furniture out on the deck rather than in the house. So the back room will have to wait until another weekend (preferably a rainy one).
While outside Ray took some pictures of the flowers in the hanging baskets out back, and the lilac bushes are beginning to bloom too.

And for Sunday, Mass, hiking, and painting the sink base were all on the agenda. Well, I got to Mass (and then went to a flea market over in the school with my sister, that was fun!), and Ray had finished painting, but the hiking will have to wait for another weekend. Our son Erik came over with our granddaughter Mia, and that was much more fun than hiking anyway!

So, while I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to get done, it was a very happy, somewhat productive weekend, so I guess this really is more than a so-so Merry Monday!
Let’s see what happens next weekend.


  1. That sink is cool! I hate the stainless steel ones like I have. I don't care what anyone thinks,the old porcelain ones are much better! I told my husband when the day comes for a new sink it won't be stainless steel. Sounds like you had a fun weekend,what a great husband you have to do all that work for you!

  2. I love the part where you say you like scratched and dented stuff...does that go for people too? If so, than I am on your list of who you like! I remember reading about a woman who treasures her broken dishes because of the memories associated with them and that's worth holding on to!



  3. Her husband is not only "great" but very much "scratched" and actually is "dented".

  4. Well, wouldn't today be a Merry Monday because we're trying to keep Jayden from getting the pig flu (and to keep his allergies to a minimum) so he is staying home from school and you get the ENTIRE day with him? That would make MY Monday very Merry indeed!

  5. Well, Kate, I'm not at all happy about allergy season starting for him again, so that's not very merry to me at all.
    But I always love spending time with him!

  6. And, yes, to both Diana and Marcy ~ I did have a fun weekend, Diana! And, yes, Marcy, time-worn people are my favorite too! Pristine people hold very little interest for me, it's the scratched and dented that attract me most! People Magazine can keep their celebrity articles, I'd much rather read the blogs of the 'plain folks'!
    Paw, I love your scratches and dents most of all!