Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mia!

My precious girl, more treasured than gold
Today is your birthday, you are two years old

From the moment I saw you, right from the start
There was an instant bond, and you stole Grandma’s heart

You were the tiny pink bundle nestled in my arms
And I got carried away with all of your charms

Your story began to unfold just a short while ago
And this Blessing from above now continues to grow

You bring me many smiles, and you bring me many hugs
You are the sweet little girl that your Grandma so loves

I watch you change and grow day by day
All the things you do and all the things you say

You’re such a little sweetheart, you are my darling girl
And you know I love to call you “My precious little pearl”

I hope and I pray that your heart will always be
Filled with so much joy, such as you have given me

Much Love Always, Grandma

The song I sing to my Mia:

Grandma’s Baby ~

Grandma’s baby, that’s what you are
Grandma’s baby, the best by far
You are my precious pearl
Yes, you are Grandma’s girl

Search the world over and you’ll never find
A baby more dear than the one that is mine
She is my precious pearl
Yes, she is Grandma’s girl

(This is a song I’ve heard my own Mom sing but I cannot credit the Author because my search produced nothing, if anyone knows the Author please let me know.)


  1. Happy Birthday to my little Angel.

    She may be Grandma's girl. But when Uncle Donald is there she gladly jumps up in my lap. And who's the one she said "Buy this" (she know me well) when we were in Disney World.

    It's amazing the love we have in our hearts for our grandchildren. It is indescribable!

  2. Happy Birthday to my Princess Mia Pia Pie! Should I put the lyrics to MY song to her down here, too?!? I won't...She's knows them though!!!

    Princess, in case you're reading this (which wouldn't completely surprise me because you are the smartest 2-year-old I know!), I Love You!! Happy Birthday, my little Princess!!!

    Much Love Always,