Thursday, December 2, 2010

Disney ~ Day 5 ~ Epcot

Mia called her Mommy before heading out for the day:

First thing we spotted when we got inside Epcot was this:
(Look very, very close, up at those windows. Can you see them?)

I'd hate to be those workers!

It was fun to see the little cousins enjoying this time together:

First time for Mia on Soaring and she loved it!

After a few more rides we headed over to the lands.

In Mexico...

...we got to enjoy a mariachi band!

And Jayden and Mia enjoyed the little boat ride!

And in Italy...

...we enjoyed watching this juggler!

Morocco is my most favorite!

I love to shop for perfume in France. I came out of the shop empty-handed but all was not lost because I found something better! Ray was outside enjoying this daring performance!

This guy was amazing!

While in Norway we had lunch with the Princesses!

Mia loves it but Jayden says this is his last year of dining with the Princesses! I can't say I blame him.

He really is a good sport though!

Mia enjoyed taking part in a little parade around the restaurant:

While at Epcot we spotted Marcy! Er, I mean Mary Poppins!

After a long day we headed back to our hotel to enjoy some views from our balcony:

After enjoying another beautiful sunset, Ray and I headed over to Victoria Falls Lounge... enjoy a few of these:

Tomorrow: "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" (and Ray & I take another trip back to Epcot to enjoy the food and wine-tasting)!


  1. It has been many years since I've been to Disney and I cannot believe all the things I didn't see. I love the look on Jaydon face when he and Mia had their picture taken with the princess, so cute! Well both of them are cute. I think this looks like a wonderful family vacation.....:-)Hugs

  2. Whoa what a trip! I had never known anything about the Epcot center so this was educational to me. And those window washers!!!....YIKES.
    Mia must have been in Princess heaven. :)
    And I never knew Jayden had such long eye lashes. I wonder if he got them from his Umma!

  3. Such gorgeous pictures, Eileen!!! AND what a wonderful trip!!! So much joy in everyone's face!! I LOVE Epcot!!! My favorite park at Disney World, I think. Just wanted to stop in an leave you some love here!! Been thinking of you!! Love, Janine XO

  4. Jayden and Mia are just so cute, Eileen!

  5. This looked like so much fun Eileen. Epcot wasn't there yet when I went. I have been to Morocco though, in high school!
    You know I can only imagine how close Jayden and Mia are going to be when they grow up. All of the fun memories that they will have to share! You and Ray are wonderful for giving them that and having a little fun for yourselves!!
    Love Di ♥

  6. I do so enjoy your journeys...Lifts my spirits and makes me smile!!1 Have a wonderful day!!! Cathy