Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cute Christmas Table Decoration Idea ~ Thanks, Jill!

My friend Jill at Grandma Honey had a cute idea on her blog for 'wrapping' your dining table for Christmas (see her post HERE). She said she found the idea on another blog and she tried it and it worked out well. She said it even wiped down clean without tearing!

I haven't 'wrapped' our dining table yet as it is still a mess of papers, cards, wrapping, ribbons, bows, and gifts, so I will get to that in a day or two.
But for now I have wrapped our coffee table and I think it looks so cute!

And our sofa is decorated ala Jayden! One day he came into the kitchen all excited and said, "Umma, come look and see how I decorated the couch for Christmas!" He had taken my red throws and used them as cushion covers and arranged the red throw pillows too. I liked his idea and so I left it that way:

Thank you, Jill, and thank you, Jayden!


  1. OH I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It just is so cute in your living room. Never thought of wrapping up the coffee table but why not. Our wrapped table is still holding strong. I even wash it after meals with a damp cloth and then dry it...and it's so slick. It's been wonderful not having place mats to mess with. I'm think it would be fun to wrap the table for Valentine's day, Easter, etc.

  2. It looks lovely Eileen and well done Jayden the sofa looks great!....:-)Hugs

  3. I'm back. I commented earlier but it just kept loading and loading and I gave up! I did get your comment Eileen thank you! I love how your table looks! The lady that I clean for wraps her wall pictures, very cute.
    I can't believe that Jayden did that sofa so beautifully! He must surely be filled with the Christmas spirit! Love Di ♥