Monday, December 6, 2010

Just A Little Christmas Fun!

Jayden decorating inside...

...and out!

There are a few homes in our neighborhood that really go all out with decorating, but this house tops them all!
The fire truck on the left in the picture above was passing by and stopped to look!

The homeowner said that a pilot stopped by once and told him that he had seen the house while coming in for a landing at LaGuardia Airport and had to come see it up close!

Lawn displays!

Rooftop displays!

Gigantic displays!

Miniature displays!

This house has it all! Religious and commercial, this homeowner has covered all bases!

Jayden was amazed walking around and taking it all in!

All donations go to the support of St. Mary's, it's a facility for children with special needs.
Our youngest daughter, Ellie, works as both a nurses' aide and a teachers' aide in a classroom at this hospital.

And because I promised Jayden LAST CHRISTMAS that I would post about his little 'elf on the shelf' finally here's a few pictures this Christmas of Jayden's personal elf who spies on him and reports back to Santa Claus:

Each night he flies to Santa's workshop, and by morning he is back again, finding a new place to set himself down:

Jayden has fun each morning searching for his little 'Charlie Dickens'.

Can you spot him?

Jayden never has any trouble. Even when 'the elf on the shelf' is hanging over a curtain rod...

...or has tucked himself into a chick on the kitchen windowsill...

...or has set himself atop a candle.

'Hope you are all enjoying you're own Christmas fun!


  1. Oh Jayden's elf is so cute and what a great idea having him finding him each morning. I love seeing him help you all with the decorations.
    The house near you is so beautiful, wouldn't want his electricity bill but it is lovely. How long did it take him to do it?....:-)Hugs

  2. EILEEN-

    I love Jayden's ef - :-) And I am overwhelmed by the houses so intensely decorated. Wow!! I love all of your Christmas traditions and how 'special' Jayden feels - I can't say it enough that the chapters of his life that you are writing are so wonderful - they will sustain him forever. Amen

    Love to you always
    peace and hope for us all

  3. I have never seen a house THAT decorated! But I must say, this post has inspired me to go out looking at houses tonight. My camera takes pictures in the dark, so we shall see.

  4. Bernie, he leaves half of it up all year long! I'm wondering where he stores it all! I'm sure his bills are steep.

    Gail, I think those houses are great for the little ones, we actually have quite a few decorated to the hilt like that around here, but personally, I think it's 'overkill'. It's fun to watch the little ones enjoying it though.

    Jill, I'll have to take some pictures of the more 'normal' houses in our neighborhood too. I really do enjoy this time of year and seeing how everyone celebrates. It's such a happy time!

    Have a great week, Ladies!
    Love you, Eileen

  5. Our Ainsley and Lindsey love searching for the "little fella" each morning!!! It's a grand tradition. The lights are spectacular but oh my some are just toooooo decorated! Have a grand day1 Cathy

  6. I love Elf on the Shelf....such fun.
    I am also happy that Jayden was able to see that fantastic home with all the lights and decorations. It must have been spell-binding!!!
    Love and smiles to you,