Monday, December 13, 2010

St. Lucia Festival

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Today, December 13, is the feast of St. Lucy in the Catholic Church. And it is one of the few Saint days that is still observed in Scandinavia. In traditional Scandinavian celebrations, Saint Lucia comes as a young woman with candlelight and sweets.

This past weekend we attended a St. Lucia Pageant. Ray's family is Swedish, and his cousin's daughter (Wendy's daughter, Heather Marie) was St. Lucia at the Annual Lucia Festival. We've been going to the Lucia Pageant for a few years now, but it was especially exciting this year with Heather Marie as Lucia:

After the pageant in church, we also enjoyed some traditional Swedish songs and folk dancing performed in traditional costume:

The costume that Heather is wearing belonged to Ray's grandmother on his mother's side.

(Heather with Ray's Mom, Helena)

Ray's cousin Wendy made us a delicious Swedish pankakke, and his cousin Heidi made a wonderful raisin cake, which we got to enjoy along with other Swedish cakes, cookies, coffee, and Glogg. There were also tables set up with crafts available for purchase.

After the performance everyone was invited up to participate and to learn a few of the dances. Mia really enjoyed that, and even Rudy got into the act!

Here's a video of Heather singing 'Oh Holy Night' in Swedish. I never understood why they would choose such a hard song for these young girls to sing. I've seen professional singers have trouble hitting the notes in this song. But I think Heather did very well here:

Here you can see Mia having lots of fun with the Swedish folk dancing, along with her Mommy (Lori), Ray's sister (Susie), his niece (Erika), and his other niece and her husband (Jill and Rudy), and his cousins (Heidi and Wendy):


  1. Interesting I just read another blog I read pretty regularly and she had pics of their St Lucia festival and the participants had the same silver head pieces and the girl in the part of St Lucia had the different head piece. It looks like a wonderful tradition.


    Oh my, what a qwonderful traditional celebration. And so it continues - your creating memories and writing chapters for your grand children that will sustain them in the best of ways for a life time. :-) I am in full joy with you this day. Heather sings beautifully

    Love to you and yours
    peace and hope.....

  3. Congratulations to Heather, how beautiful!

  4. You all had such fun! Heather is a beautifully talented young lady!!! Wishing you a wonderful evening!! Cathy

  5. Heather was wonderful, Eileen and so was Mia with her cute dancing. I remember you attending the Lucia Pageant last year! Nice tradition!

  6. I wanted to clap for Heather, she was wonderful and Mia was so precious, I loved seeing her having so much fun. This is a wonderful tradition. I think Ray's mother looks lovely, how great to share this time with her...:-)Hugs

  7. I really enjoyed your post Eileen! I would love to attend something like that and I felt I got to go because of you. The videos were wonderful! Your little Mia is such a treasure ♥ Heather is a beautiful girl and did a fabulous job. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. I loved it!!!

  8. Oh Eileen I don't know where to start! First I want to apologize for being away but it's just something that couldn't be helped. I missed you so much!!!
    Heather has such a beautiful voice, I thought that she sang the song beautifully!
    And what can I say about Mia? Let me think....
    She is just so adorable and you sure could tell what a great time she had!
    I think you and Ray and the whole family are just wonderful with keeping up with traditions. It appears to be well worth it!
    Love to you, Love Di ♥