Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful 'Christmas week'! (Really the whole month of December was wonderful!)
My happy week started on the Monday before Christmas when I had dinner with two very good friends, and I got to attend Jayden's (very sweet) school Christmas show twice last week! And on Thursday I spent a wonderful time out to lunch with my Aunts, cousins, and sisters!
I already posted pictures of Jayden's show and I'm sorry to say that I forgot to bring my camera to the dinner and the lunch.
And if I post all my pictures in one post you'll be here forever so today I'll just highlight Christmas Eve and leave the rest of our celebrations for other posts.

Erik, Lori, and Mia were visiting other relatives Christmas Eve but they stopped by our house for a little while in the afternoon:

We didn't want to ruin that pretty dress so we had Mia don an apron... she and Jayden could decorate the Birthday cake for Jesus:

(Poor Jesus. His Birthday Cake didn't start out very well...

...but with a little loving decorating it turned out fine!)

Jayden, funny little man!

Then Ray, Jayden, and I went to Mass:

We came home, had dinner, and then Jayden was off to bed early, and sometime during the night Santa Claus came and finished the milk and cookies Jayden had left for him, and he even sat at the computer and wrote a note for Jayden!

And he left a few gifts for Jayden and Mia under the tree:

Tomorrow our Christmas celebration!


  1. HI- and so the chapters continue to be written with the promise of goodness and love, hope and tradition, faith and family - oh the truest of all gifts are being created, and humbly offered. I bow to your creations, Amen
    Love Gail

  2. I thought of Jayden when I was at Mass, all the kids were just bubbling over with excitement of Santa's cute. I had a wonderful week as well, just a beautiful Christmas....Hugs

  3. What a little doll Mia is! I think it's wonderful how you are teaching your grandchildren that this is Jesus' birthday. Sadly many children do not get that part.

  4. Is that a beautiful princess in the red dress or what?? Sooooo pretty....and a good idea to don the apron.
    I love the Happy Birthday Jesus cake...
    I love all your photos, Eileen....the music....the majesty of the season is wonderfully portrayed here.
    I am glad Santa had a snack and a glass of milk... :)))
    Happy New Year to you, my friend,