Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jayden's Christmas Show

(Turn off the music playlist on my sidebar if you want to view the videos further down.)

Jayden's school put on a little Christmas show for the parents. They actually had to do the show three times, one Monday morning performance, another one on Monday evening, and a third on Tuesday evening. The school was only going to have the two evening performances but they were sold out within the first day of ticket sales so they opened a morning show too.

I went to two of the shows, the Monday morning show (along with my daughter Ellie, my Aunt Florence, my sister Diane, my daughter-in-law Lori, and my granddaughter Mia) and Ray and I went to last night's performance. Monday evening my daughter Katie went along with Jayden's Dad .
I enjoyed the show so much this year. It was simple and sweet, each grade sang a Nativity-themed Christmas song as the story of the Nativity was narrated. I loved it.

Here are some pictures of the morning show:

The Church hall:

Here's my girl, come to enjoy the show!

The Principal (on the left) and the Leader of Song:

Here's Lucy, the Vice Principal, at the 'concession stand':

Simple stage set-up, so cute!

It takes a lot of people to try and organize the Pre-K! The teachers decided to let the little ones leave their jackets on rather than fuss with zippers, and taking on and off jackets and angel wings as they traveled back and forth from school hall to Church hall (the weather has been very cold here!):
"Away In A Manger". It was adorable!

The teacher of this class is teaching the children how to 'sign', and they also did the song in sign language as they sang 'Do You Hear What I Hear?':

Okay, here comes the Kindergarten class ~
Jayden's turn now!

At the end of the show the whole school came back to sing. At one time the student enrollment fell to under three hundred (when I went there the enrollment was well over 1,000! We had to have split sessions to accommodate all the students!) This year the school enrollment is back up a little ~ 500!

Jayden spots us!

And here's the evening show:

Jayden ~ all ready to go!

At the evening performance we sat on the opposite side of where I was for the morning performance. This time I got to see more of The Nativity Scene:

Ray got a kick out of this little guy's tie! I guess he borrowed it from his Dad, who shops at the 'big and tall' store!

Here's the video of Jayden's class singing 'The First Noel'. They were supposed to sing the first two verses but they had so much trouble remembering the second verse that the song leader decided to have them sing the first verse twice! The children were told to keep their eyes on the leader of song, but you can see Jayden steal a few looks our way!

And here's the whole school at the end of the show:

They may not have the most beautiful voices but they were loud and they were enthusiastic! And I thought it was great!

After the show Ray, Jayden, and I walked around the Church grounds admiring the lights and the Nativity scene:

Here's the outdoor Nativity awaiting The Babe:

Christmas Blessings!


  1. that is soo darn sweet. Jayden is such a beautiful child. He is going to be a heart stealer when he gets will have to put a shield on him to combat the girls! It is the eyes...yep the eyes, I saw that adorable little glimpse over at you every so often! They sung their little hearts out didn't they! I can tell you are a very proud grandma! You should be!

  2. Oh Eileen I really enjoyed this post, the kids are just so sweet. Jayden is adorable and my gosh he is getting so big, 2 years has made such a difference. These concerts are the sweetest time ever.....I am like Ray, I really got a kick out of that little guys tie, so cute.
    Merry Christmas my friend....:-) Hugs

  3. There is nothing in the world that can compare with the beauty of a child's Christmas show. What a treasure!!! Wishing you a glorious Christmas!! Cathy

  4. I really enjoyed both of those videos. It was so very wonderful to hear these sweet children singing songs about Christ. That must be a private school because here they cannot sing anything that has to do with the real meaning of Christmas.

    Jayden is such a good looking little boy. Oh my.Do you know anything about the other children? Like, the little girl next to Jayden with the you know her? I'm just curious.

    I'm also impressed that these kids really know the words to these songs. I sure wish we could put Christ back into Christmas in our schools here.
    Oh and that oversized tie!!.....TOO funny!

  5. EILEEN-

    I have such warm memories of Christmas concerts from when my kids were young and even my grandkids when Kristie lived close when they were little. Seeing Jayden and you brought back the warmest of memories. "Thank you". Great pictures and videos :-)

    Love to you and yours the Christmas season and always.

    Love Gail
    peace and hope...

  6. Merry Christmas, everyone!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks, Linda, I always thought Jayden was beautiful but I figured a lot of that was looking through 'Grandma eyes'! So thank you for mentioning it!

    Bernie, I'm glad you enjoyed this post, I'm always second-guessing myself, I feel like all my posts are so boring and repetitious! But that's my life too I guess, and if we were face-to-face these are things I'd be talking about.

    Cathy, I agree! And I was especially happy with the little concert this year, it was a sweet reminder of why we sacrifice financially to give Jayden a Catholic education.

    Jill, yes, Jayden attends Catholic school, but even here last year the Christmas show was more 'generic' and only one grade put on a little Nativity show. This year was much different and so much more beautiful. I have to write to the school Principal and let her know how much we enjoyed this year's program.
    The little girl with the glasses is Jayden's classmate Aisling. Cute story ~ on one of the first days of school Aisling was having trouble with another classmate, this other girl threw a coin of Aislings through the schoolyard fence and Aisling couldn't reach it and she was crying, so Jayden came to her rescue, he took a stick and reached under the fence to get it (scratching his hand up along the way). He said Aisling was so happy so the cuts didn't hurt so bad then. And he said they became 'best friends'!

    Hi, Gail, I really did get a lump in my throat this year, and like you said, it brought back so many memories of Christmas plays past, and now to be enjoying it again with Jayden, and he was so happy and proud, it was wonderful.
    Really a treasure.

    Love to all of you!

  7. Jayden was quite poised! I'm impressed! It's a good music director who can get the kids to sing out like that. What fun! And I really like the "Let There be Peace on Earth" song at the end.

    The church property is decorated so beautifully! Especially that blue tree.

    I wish you a very blessed Christmas, Eileen. So thankful to have met and known you this year. God bless you MUCH!

  8. Great pictures. I know you enjoyed the two performances. I never missed a performance when my grandchildren were small. Now they are so far away.
    Thanks for the videos so we can hear the lovely voices. Enjoy your Christmas with your wonderful family.

  9. OH, Elieen, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this! Jayden is PRECIOUS, but you already know I think that! :-)

    Thank you for sharing this performance with us. I have been sick and unable to go to chuch tonight, and this was the perfect way to worship. Out of the mouths of babes! Loved every note. What a blessing! :-)

    Merry Christmas, my dear friend...

    Love you much,

    Sheila :-)