Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas Day

Christmas morning started with a very happy and excited boy making his way downstairs:

Lots of smiles!

"Look what I got!"

Happy Mommy and her happy boy!

I could not stop laughing at Jayden really getting into one of his 'mind control' gifts:

(I don't think he ever got that ball in the tube to rise up, no matter how hard he concentrated!)

Here he's modeling some new clothes:

A Happy Christmas mess! And 'Paw' trying to get some new toys to work!

The family arrives and it's time to get dinner on...

What's Erik hunting in the refrigerator for? (I guess I must have forgotten to put something out.)

...and clean-up. Thanks, Ray!

Then it's Mia's turn to open a few gifts:

And Mia gave Grandma one of the gifts she looks forward to every year ~ the grandkids calendar!

It's time now to sing "Happy Birthday" to The Guest Of Honor:

Jayden and Mia make a wish for Jesus and blow out His candle for Him!

Steve & Diane:


Here's the three sisters and Aunt Florence:

Okay, the three sisters decide they look too fat so they stupidly try to hide behind little throw pillows...

...of course that didn't work, so they blamed the photographer for making them look fat and they make Steve take a close-up:

We decided that still wasn't enough so Donald & Steve piled on more pillows for us.
Now that's more like it!


'Hope your Christmas was Blessed with family, friends, and love too!

Tomorrow 'Secret Santa' gift party!


  1. How happy I am to be here and look at each and every photo and SMILE...biiig smiles with each one, Eileen. What a photographic record!!!
    I love the look on Jayden's face in the 4th photo. "The" moment was captured beautifully.
    I am listening to "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" playing on your blog as I type....and how happy it is to share in your Christmas with you through your blog.
    Fantastic, Eileen!!!!!
    Love to you,

  2. I so enjoyed your Christmas Eileen! Jayden was funny trying his "Mind Control"!!! You all looked like you had such a great time.
    I have tried to email you but I am not sure which address that I have is right so when you have time could you please send me your email address? Thanks Eileen. Love Di ♥

  3. oh this was such a fun fun post Eileen! Jayden was precious! Mia adorable and the pictures of you gals and the pillows is a keeper! That is a hilarious group of photos and I am going to remember to do that as well! LOL but you all look so beautiful! I love your outfit, is is velvet? It is so pretty! What a wonderful fun filled day and busy too! I just love family pictures! Have a wonderful safe New Year's Eve! hugs and smiles.

  4. What an enjoyable post....loved it especially seeing your grandchildren. Jayden and his expressions are priceless and Mia is just a princess. The three sisters are great, it looked like great fun. Thank you for sharing sweetie......:-)Hugs

  5. EILEEN-
    I love your family pictures, traditions, food and fun. :-) I feel like I could just stop by and fit right in.

    Love to you and yours

  6. I saw these great pictures right after you posted them but forgot to comment! What sweet times. Love the way you captured Christmas morning. It's all about children and you have such cuties! Did Mia get an American Doll?