Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our 'Secret Santa' Gift Party

A few years ago we decided not to exchange gifts with everyone. Instead, on Thanksgiving Day we write everybody's name on slips of papers and throw them into a bowl, and then we each pick a name out. It makes everything so much easier, and it's so nice to concentrate on just one special gift each year.
We usually get together either the weekend before Christmas or the weekend after Christmas to exchange (my sister-in-law Susie and I like getting together after Christmas because that really makes Christmas last longer). With Christmas falling on the weekend this year we did our party the day after Christmas.
And, we happened to have a blizzard that day! Sadly, the New Jersey relatives weren't able to make it (wise choice, I don't think they'd be able to relax and enjoy themselves thinking about the long trip home), but the rest of the relatives braved the weather and made it here!

The tiniest girl and the tallest guys:

Rudy ~ Erin ~ Donald

Flora ~ Brian


Grandma loves those boots!

Oh, wait! We can't forget her 'dress-alike' dolly!

Some of the guys:

Mikael ~ Donald ~ Rudy

Jayden ~ Brian

Mikael ~ Erik

Jayden ~ Andrew

Some of the girls:

Jillian ~ Ellie ~ Mia

Susie ~ Diane ~ Eileen

Jackie ~ Susie ~ Erika ~ (and Ray trying to peek in)

Susie ~ Erika ~ and one of Susie's favorite things!

Diane ~ Ann ~ Eileen ~ Lori ~ and Erin in front


It was Scott's Birthday!


Ray on clean-up duty again:

Thank you again, Ray!

And in between the eating, and the partying, and the gift-exchanging, Brian and Jayden enjoyed the blizzard that was raging outside!

Brian does double-duty with the snow shovels!
'Happy to report that everyone got home safe and sound!


  1. What a great post getting to see so much family...people I feel like I know! :)
    LOVE Mia's boots, too.
    Can't imagine having snow, much less a blizzard!
    And Lori's pregnancy seems to be coming right along. Is Mia getting excited about that? Happy happy days ahead!!

  2. What a beautiful family you have Eileen! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas too!!!!
    Love and (((HUGS)))) Teresa

  3. Dear Eileen, I haven't stopped by in a long time, and I apologize. I always find your web page enjoyable. I never leave without a smile. Over the past couple of weeks you have given us plenty to smile about. Wait until I see Marybeth about those couch pillows! That was so funny... I could hear her chuckling in my mind as I looked at the pictures. You are very blessed with such a large family. Ours is on the smallish side. But when we get together we make the noise and hilarity of what might seem a large crowd! Thank you for sharing. I'll be back soon. I'm trying to be more faithful with my blogspot pages. I've got my Penny for your thoughts, and I've also got one for Come join our table... featuring food and family and friends and fun... (I should follow that statement with a "when I remember to get my camera). Hugs, Penny Sue

  4. Eileen! what fun pictures once again! Looks like you are having fun in spite of the weather! stay warm! hugs and smiles...

  5. Your pictures are always such fun to see. Your family had such a wonderful time!!! I especially enjoyed the gifted and talented snow shoveler you had!! Wishing you well! Cathy