Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember Us

I got this email from my friend Barbara earlier this week: cousin, Diane Riegal, wrote and sings:

Song: Remember Us, will be presented at a 10th year 9/11 commemorative service in Jersey, Channel Islands Parish Church conducted by the Very Reverend Robert F Key, Dean of Jersey (Jersey, Channel Islands is off the coast of Normandy, France). Also, she just learned this week that a few radio stations in TN and OK started playing it.

She also sent me the link to the song on youtube.

I think it's a beautiful tribute for 9/11 ~


  1. Oh Eileen, that song gave me the chills and tears. What a beautiful tribute. It's going to be a somber day today. I can feel it. All we can do is pray and never forget all of the loved one's lost.
    Thank you for posting this. I've tried to email you but didn't know if I had the right address. You've been on my mind a lot lately. I am hoping and praying all is going well with you. I wanted to call but don't think I have your number. I was worried about you and IRENE.
    Well hope everything is alright, miss you and love you,Di ♥

  2. Indeed I do remember! Many prayers!!! Cathy

  3. Oh Eileen - I am so moved and impacted by the strength, passion, voice and message here. "thank you"
    Love Gail
    with hope for us all

  4. A quiet and thoughtful day today for all of us, today...
    I send you hugs and smiles from me to you, Eileen.

  5. Lovely and very moving, Eileen.

    The tragedy influenced my oldest grandson, who was in high school, to become a fireman.

  6. My Spirit trembles at and for this song. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Truly beautiful Eileen. I wonder how those families who have lost loved ones feel watching this video. Hopefully it gives them a bit of comfort. Thank you so much for posting it here.