Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Silly, Nothing Things That I Remember And Think Of With My Mom And Dad

My parents Wedding Anniversary was earlier this month and they would have been married sixty-five years. I miss them a lot, and I've been thinking about them so much. And one of the silly, nothing things that sticks with me was what they would order from the menu when we went out to eat at a diner.
My Dad would always order a Grilled Swiss on Rye with Split Pea Soup (if that happened to be the soup of the day, Split Pea was his favorite) and coffee, and my Mom would order a Belgium Waffle (you know the kind with the ice cream and whipped cream atop, and not for dessert, that was her dinner!) or sometimes she'd order a shrimp salad sandwich and coffee.
'Wish I could be sitting at the diner with you, Mom and Dad, and watching you enjoying those now~

And another thing I remember is my Mom telling me when I was little:
"Stay close to the Blessed Mother because St. Peter keeps complaining to Jesus about her. He says to Jesus, 'I keep turning the sinners away at the front gate and your Mom keeps sneaking them in the back door!" And then my Mom told me, " That's because she has a mother's heart, so stay close to her."
I have stayed close to her, Mom, and I hope you're telling her to sneak me in the back door~

This photo was taken at the time of their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration:


  1. Eileen, this is so heartfelt, and once again, you demonstrate what it is to be a loving daughter. Sending tender hugs your way...

    Love you!



  2. Lovely thoughts of your mom and dad Eileen. I've been thinking of my mom a lot too. Pea soup is my favorites too. And one of the best one's I make!
    Glad you still heed mom's advice!
    Love Di ♥

  3. HI EILEEN - oh your memories are beautiful as are your Mom and Dad. I love to hear what's in your heart of them. Love it. :-)
    Love Gail

  4. Isn't that sweet... No one loves us quite like our parents did. I'm sure they are close by cheering you on.

  5. Beautiful post, Eileen. At the time of my mother's passing, she and my dad had been married almost 45 years. I remember he said, "We thought we'd have twenty more years together." I think he based it on how long their parents had lived. Nothing's guaranteed though, is it.

    I thought of my mother earlier today and of how she'd been the heart of our family. Somehow we've managed, and our generation has to (try to) be that for the younger ones.

    Now I'm thinking of a Belgian waffle. With lots of whipped cream of course!

    Hope the rest of our week goes well.

    Warmest regards,

  6. Wishing you the comfort that comes from knowing how much they loved you!!! I understand! Cathy