Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Finally Eóghan is home where he belongs! And it feels so good!

"Hey! What's going on? Who's the new kid?!"

Brotherly Love

And this is my niece, Erin:

Katie asked Erin to be Godmother to Eóghan, and Erin is the one who favored the Gaelic spelling of Eóghan (instead of spelling it as Owen). She also told us that he was going to be born on September 24 ~ and he was! I think these two have a special connection.

I probably won't be posting for awhile, and when I do it will be on a new blog. I'll be back to give you the address soon. In the meantime I will visit as often as I can.

Thanking you all for all your kindness, your support, and your prayers. I am so grateful.


  1. SO happy he's home. I'm very curious about your new "address"?! Suspense!

  2. Oh my, what a delight! Beautiful wee child! Congratulations! Cathy

  3. Glad Eóghan is home! LOVED the photo of Sophie looking up at you as if she can't believe you are holding someone else! :)

  4. EILEEN - SO blessed, a miracle in your arms. Amen.
    Love Gail

  5. Beautiful pictures Eileen. I an so happy for all of you that Eoghan is home sweet home! I can understand how busy and tired you will be. But we'll all be here when you have some spare time! Loads of smooches to that new Babe!!
    Love to you my friend, Di ♥

  6. Hi Eileen, I've tried to post here several times so I'm praying this time my post will go through. I wanted to say congratulations!!! What a sweet little guy. All of you must be estatic. I'm so happy for all of you.
    Love, Carol

  7. What a precious post. Truly a glimpse of heaven. I especially love the one of you and your 2 grandbabies. Sophie might be wondering who the new one is, but she is also looking at her Umma in total awe. Sweet sweet pictures. I know you won't have much posting time with the new grandbaby and all, but I do hope you can check in with updated pictures. Too many of us love you and will be thinking of you.