Monday, September 19, 2011

September So Far...

...has been full and active! And in between our many home projects we did manage to squeeze in a little fun!

Labor Day Weekend the guys went to a baseball game:

Here's the happy group just before leaving the house (Mia slept over the night before and she was still lounging in her pajamas):

(I think the food is Jayden's favorite part of any baseball game he attends!)

Jayden was very impressed with the balancing talent of this vendor (I am too!):

Jayden's getting a better look at...

...Derek Jeter at bat!

And both Jayden and Mia started school again.
(Here's Jayden both excited and a little nervous on his first day.):

They are both very happy with their teachers and their classes this year! Whew!

And both Jayden and Mia are playing soccer this year:

Taking a few practice kicks before heading out to the game:

A little pep talk from the coach:

Jayden (number 15) helping a few team mates untangle from the net:

A few more practice kicks and then it's game on!

I think Jayden thinks he's assistant coach!

Jayden is 'all business' now that he has his Goalie gear on!

Jayden guarding his turf:

Mia is taking Instructional Soccer this Fall and she loves it!

Even baby sister Sophie comes to cheer her on each week:

(Well, she cheers between cat naps.):

Jayden giving Mia a few pointers:

"Did I do it right, Jayden?"

"Ohh! Yes! That was good, Mia!"

After yesterday's games some family came back to the house to celebrate Ellie's Birthday (she's in the background in the picture below):

Jayden loves his cousins! I hope he loves his baby brother just as much! (He's due to arrive today, but so far there has only been days and days of mild contractions, and so the waiting continues!)

I think it's adorable how Lori dresses the girls alike! I think it looks so cute and it reminds me of how my Mom used to dress my sister Diane and myself alike (everyone thought we were twins, and sometimes even my older sister Marybeth would be dressed like us, although I don't know if she thought it was so cute!).

So far September has been full, and active, and FUN!


  1. I'm glad you all took the time to relax and recreate a bit! The soccer pictures are great! Glad school got off to a good start....and I'll be checking in to hear of the arrival of the new baby.

  2. Mama dressed my sister and me alike (and we are 2 years apart in age) and people thought we were twins, too.
    I LOVE the photos of Mia, Jayden, and Sophie. Precious doesn't begin to describe them, Eileen... Great photos....very good photographer!!!!
    I do hope that all goes splendidly with the arrival of Jayden's new baby brother. I can't wait to see photos of the new little one. Hugs and love to you, Eileen.

  3. Jayden looks nearly like a teenager in that first day of school shot. Mia is changing and growing too. Good thing you have Sophie and the new grandson to come....all your babies are growing up so quickly! And they all look like Umma!

    I am so excited to learn about Jayden's little brother. How exciting will that be!

  4. Your family is growing. Another grandchild any day. Of course you have busy days and lots of activities. I like the baseball game photos. The guys going to the game together. Nice pictures of some of the family activities this month so far. You still have so much more this month.

  5. Good times! School starting can be good and sad at the same time. I love the way Jayden and Mia are so close. They are more like brother and sister. I think that's beautiful and will continue to grow.
    Love Di ♥