Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Few More Projects At Our House

Ray has been undertaking quite a few big jobs around our house this summer and here are two more finished projects:

At one time Ray converted a tiny bedroom in our home into a walk-in closet/storage room for me. But with another baby coming into the house I emptied the closet, then Ray dismantled all his beautiful handiwork, and he got to work again making it over into a bedroom once again for our daughter Katie (and he had a little help from Jayden):

A built-in bed, a few cans of white paint, some bedding from Target and Katie was all set:

(It's tiny, but it serves it's purpose. Enough room for Mommy and newborn, until he graduates from bassinet to crib and moves in next door with big brother Jayden.)

And Jayden likes that Mommy is close by!

Then Ray got busy making over Jayden's room to accommodate both him and his baby brother:

I'm not really good about coordinating colors, so I usually stick to one color palette, and I chose gray for the boys room (Behr Silver Drop on the walls and woodwork, and Behr Irish Mist on the ceiling), and Ray found this great laminate flooring at Lumber Liquidators (Driftwood), and I was very happy with the results:

The curtains are actually shower curtains that my friend Barbara gave to me (I use shower curtains a lot on my windows throughout the house):

(See? Hung up with shower curtain hooks! So simple!)

It was very hard to find gray baby bedding, but I did find two crib sets online to choose from, and I went with this sweet white one with gray and red accents:

Jayden did not want any 'baby bedding', so he chose a Super Hero theme, and I was happy to find this 'vintage-look' Superhero comforter set online with colors that matched the room, and at the same time thrilled Jayden:

(Notice the changing table on the left in the photo? It was used as a changing table for Jayden when he was a baby but now it's been re-purposed as an entertainment center and it holds all Jayden's games!)

Well, my husband is a pretty handy guy to have around, because for sure without him I wouldn't have gotten any of this done. And our house would not be such a "very, very, very fine house" at all without him!


  1. I never would have thought to use shower curtains on windows, but why not! They look great and would be so easy to open and close. Perfect spot for Katie and the baby. The brothers will love that much easier to roll little cars around rather than carpet.

    I think you are all set now. Love the music too ;)

  2. I love this, Eileen!! How wonderful that Ray and Jayden converted the room to a perfect room for Katie and her sweet baby. Jayden will be very close....and looking at his room, I can see that he and his new baby brother will be in the perfect room, together... soon. The photos that you published with the blog are great. I kept going back and forth looking at them again and again....the different views...loving it all the while. Marvelous music selection, my friend!! Great big hugs to you.

  3. Can I borrow your husband? Mine is handy but never has the time!! I really loved that crib and changing table Eileen, very unique. You ans Ray amaze me. How you both manage to make room for everyone and make it all look good too.
    Oh and BTW, I have shower curtains in my bedroom! You and Ray should be very proud of your work. It's beautiful. Love Di ♥

  4. You and Ray make changes as needed to keep your house a comfortable home for your family. I really like the shower curtains used for curtains. You do too have a good color sense, the color coordination is awesome.