Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jayden, And Joy, And Sorrow, And Babies, And The Waiting Place

Our family has been deeply saddened by a recent loss. For reasons of privacy I'm not going to mention any names.
But if anyone reading here will please say a prayer for all unborn babies, and all families who have suffered such a loss I think it will help. Thank you.

It really is overwhelming when you think of all the joy the news that an expected baby brings to the family, and then to have that joy cruelly replaced by crushing sorrow and loss, and a horrible feeling of 'never to be' and 'never to know'.

When telling Jayden about the baby going to Heaven before it was born he said to me, "That's because she was having twins and now it's just one. And I think she will grow strong and be born." I thought that was just his little mind trying to work it out that things would be okay for her and everyone.

Later on he was busy playing, and I walked into the room and he said to me, "I don't know what her babies names were in Heaven, but I know my name was Jack. And I don't know what Sophie's name was in Heaven, but I know Mia's name for sure was Rebecca." Then he looked sort of far off and reflective and said, " Well, it wasn't really Heaven, it was like a waiting place."

Later in the day I was talking to my daughter Katie on the phone, telling her all Jayden had said, and she told me to ask Jayden what Eoghan's name was in Heaven and he said, "I don't know, I only know Mia, because we were waiting together." Then I asked him if he thought this newest baby we had been waiting for would really grow strong and be born, and he said, "I hope now, but maybe not. But it doesn't matter really, because she'll come back again when she's ready. Sometimes they come for just a little while, but then they get scared and go back to Heaven. But they always come back to us, sometimes in different bodies, and sometimes in the same body. But they always come back to the same family, so her baby will be with us soon."

Before he went to sleep that night he told me that he and Mia knew they wanted to be in the same family. He said he picked his Mommy and Daddy, but he wasn't there when Mia picked her Mommy and Daddy. He said, "We weren't cousins when we were in the waiting place, but we knew we wanted to be."

He also told me that babies who are born sick or have something wrong with them are the bravest. He said, "I didn't know Sarah Palin's baby, we weren't waiting together, but I know that he is very brave."

Jayden's such a funny little guy. He's so wild sometimes, and he's so pre-occupied with playing, and it really takes me by surprise when he suddenly stops whatever he's doing to make these intense declarations.

I'd like to think a lot of what he said is fact.

Sorry I've been away so long, and seems like it will be a few weeks more before I can post again, or visit regularly. In the meantime I keep you all in my prayers.


  1. ...and I hold you and yours in MY prayers, Eileen. I'm so saddened by the loss and DO pray for comfort and peace for all.

  2. Being the mother of an angel son, my heart goes out to your entire family. Prayers lifting for you all ...

    Have a blessed week ~
    Hugs & prayers,
    TTFN ~

  3. This is so beautiful and I thank you so much for sharing this with us, Eileen. Jayden knows what he is talking about.:) I will be keeping your precious family in my prayers, dear friend... Lori

  4. Heartbreaking news...and Jayden's words are more than intense. They are words spoken from the heart of a with much wisdom. Much love and many many hugs to you. I, too, have lost an angel. It is a pain that is unexplainable.....

  5. Wishing all peace. But Jayden has the maturity of the wise!!! God bless you all! Cathy

  6. Jayden knows because it wasn't that long ago that he was in heaven. Perhaps a bit of the veil has been lifted for him. Very wise and spiritual boy.

    Eileen...When I saw that you posted I was excited because I've missed you. But then when I read about the baby I am just so so sorry. How heartbreaking. I will be praying for you and your family.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your family's loss. I know from personal experience how painful that can be. Jayden sure is a precious and sweet little boy. Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers...
    Love and hugs, Jerelene

  8. I'll be praying for your families healing Eileen. I am so, so sorry.
    Jayden really is something else. It makes me wonder if all that he has said is true.
    Love Di ♥

  9. HI EILEEN - oh my,this is all so powerful. Jayden is precious and knowing beyond his years. An 'old soul', as they say. :-) So sorry for your loss. And so good to see you. Come by when you can. There are pics on my last 2 posts.
    Love to you

  10. Checking back in so let you know that you are in my daily thoughts. Prayers for you and your family, my friend....

  11. I have been trying to comment...if this works, I will be back ((((HUGS-so sorry for your loss)))) T

  12. Oh Eileen,

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

    Jayden is such and extraordinary little boy.

    My daughter Tracy was a twin, but the other baby did not develop and was 'still born'. I often felt as if I heard another baby crying and it's presence for a very long time after the birth.

    When Tracy began talking, she began telling me about the girl who came to play with her. The girl she called 'Keenie'. She told me the little girl looked just like her, and she laughed a lot. When Tracy was about 5, she told me Keenie went away, but often she would point out the house where she went to live. I always thought I should stop in and see if there was a little girl living there, but I never did. The house is still there, but it is abandoned now, and being torn down soon. This really makes me wonder, hearing Jayden's story, since Tracy was too young to know about the loss of her twin sister at birth. I thought it was just her imagination, but, maybe not. HMMMMMM! Love ya and lots of ((((Hugs))))) for you and and your precious family. ((((HUGS)))) T

    I am actually so surprised this worked. So many times I have been trying to visit the villagers and I can not get my comments to work. Frustrating, is all I can say!

  13. Eileen...Are U there? I am thinking of you.
    Hugs and love,

  14. Eileen I am so very sorry for your loss. Jayden is such a perseptive child. He is an amazing young man.I will pray for you and family.