Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet Eóghan Harry

Eóghan Harry arrived Saturday, September 24 at 5:44 PM weighing eight pounds and thirteen ounces, and twenty-one inches long! (He hardly fits into the newborn diapers!)

His Mommy went to her doctor's appointment at noon and she was told that she was half-way through already and to get herself to the hospital (Kate had been having contractions on and off all week, and Friday night & Saturday morning they were getting stronger and coming faster). Ray drove them to the hospital in Manhattan, and I was kept up-to-date on the progress through texts from Katie and phone calls from Ray. And finally the call that he was here! And then the first phone picture from Katie:

But that was not enough for Jayden, Ellie, and myself ~ we were anxious to meet Eóghan in person! So Ray drove from Manhattan, picked us up, and drove back downtown. And then we were a very happy group!

Ellie and Eóghan

A very tired, but very happy Mommy with her two boys

Jayden always finds ways to occupy himself, here he found some gloves and I think he's playing mad scientist!

But I think he had more fun getting to know his new baby brother!

Look at the cute little hats the hospital gives to the babies:

A new little life.
Thank You, God!


  1. Jayden's eyes while holding his new brother--priceless pictures!

    Eileen, how do you pronounce the name? Is it A-gan with the emphasis on "A"?


  2. Oh Jeez, I'm crying again! Funny it wasn't until now that I thought how exciting this has to be for Jayden. I mean a little brother to mentor! He must be elated and planning!
    Eoghan is truly beautiful.
    Love Di ♥

  3. HI EILEEN - congratulations "Umma" - another miracle, a new life and so the chapters continue hallelujah!!
    Love Gail

  4. Rebecca, it's Owen.
    And could I ask everyone to say a prayer for him today. He threw up blood this morning and is undergoing some testing to find out why. Hopefully it is nothing serious. We will keep you posted.
    Thank you,
    Diane (Eileen's sister)

  5. UPDATE:
    Good news,the tests did not show anything so they think he may have swallowed some fluid during the birth. They are going to keep him for another day or two to monitor him and he is off food and on IV for now.
    Eileen will give you all the details later.
    Thank you all,
    Diane (Eileen's sister)

  6. Hope all remains well for your little Eóghan, Eileen.

  7. Wow, that daughter of yours is a trooper. She looks like a happy mom in the pictures. Congratulations on the newest grandchild. Welcome, Eoghan.

    He's beautiful and so perfect looking. He's going to be a big man someday.

  9. Oh one more thing I do you pronounce Eoghan? I want to say it correctly. Is it a family name?

  10. Grandma Honey -
    Eoghan is pronounced Owen, it's the Irish spelling. Believe me, I fought to have it spelled OWEN. I fear the poor boy is going to be called every thing but Owen.
    Diane (Eileen's sister)