Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yesterday We Went From...

...this... this...

...and this is what fell out of the drain pipe!

Yesterday morning we woke up to an ice storm, so I gave Jayden the happy news that we wouldn't be venturing out, his three-day weekend turned into a four-day weekend. And we both spent the day in much the same way:


Today is warmer with rain, so hopefully a lot of this ice will wash away before the next snow storm which is expected on Friday. It was very slippery walking this morning, lots of black ice that sneaks up on you, we didn't even know we were walking on ice until our feet slipped out from under us. But Jayden and I made it to his school by holding on to each other. I came home to a very empty, very quiet, very lonely house.

Okay, here is what I'd like for my living room to look like if you happened to drop in unannounced (with the room having just a few toys here and there, maybe one or two out of place, but for the most part the living room would be picked up):

But this is more likely what you will see if you do a surprise drop-in (this or worse!):
Have a great day, everyone!



    Your pictures could have been taken here in our yard :-) 'cept maybe for the ice-penis!! :-)
    looks like you and Jayden had a "whatever" day - perfect huh?? and I would feel right at home in the relaxed atmosphere -
    Love to you
    peace......and brace yourself - 'nother storm acomin' Friday!!

  2. LOL! Eileen, that second shot looks like family to me. That's the best thing!

    And girl, I cannot believe the ice that came out of your drainpipe!!! YIKES! Just very, very glad you weren't under it when it fell!


    Sheila :-)

  3. I have experienced the same, Eileen! A few years ago I would have 3 of my grandchildren, sometimes 4, here during the day....those were the best of times though. I almost miss their little messes. Rain overnight and today washed away most of our snow, but 6-8 inches are expected tomorrow!

  4. I think that your own personal Ice Sculpture is amazing! Quite the conversation piece, WOW!
    As for your living room, I remember those days very well. Now it's just filled with dog toys!
    Looking at your room just makes me feel like flopping down on your sofa, That is a good thing Eileen! I'll take a beer please!It's comfy and cozy to me, very inviting!
    We are supposed to get a few inches of snow tonight and tomorrow so there will probably be another snow day! YAY!!
    Love Di ♥

  5. Eileen, I keep a bag of toys in my front closet for when friends drop in with children or grandchildren don't mind when they mess up the living room at all, and I love it all tidy as well. That's life we take the good with the bad and in my heart there is never bad when it comes to loving and playing with children, they make a house a home (You should see my place when my 16 and 14 year old grandchildren leave after a busy weekend) I miss them even more as I tidy up....:-) Hugs

  6. Hi Eileen,
    I would love to come by and chat and have a cup of tea, mess or no mess, I think it would be wonderful!

    Wow! I loved the ice sculpture that came out of your drainpipe...

    When I was in California last month, I enjoyed the kids so much. My grandson Christoffer is about the same age as Jayden. While I was there I drove him to school in the mornings and met his teachers. Being with them made me feel so alive!!!

    The morning I left, he sat on my lap for an hour, and held my hand and cried when Molly and I went out the door...Nicolas his younger brother kicked me, but not hard and then giggled. That is his way of showing affection, plus I think he was a little mad at me for leaving. I so enjoyed my time with my are so blessed!

  7. I would hope your living room would look like the 2nd picture because you LIVE in your house. You have grandchildren and love...that will mess up a house quicker than anything.

    When my kids were small and my house was always a mess, or so it seemed...actually it really was...I longed for the day when I could have a clean house all day long. Now when the grandkids mess it up I savor it and don't want anyone cleaning it up right away.