Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giving Props

I am not a fan of politics or many politicians for that matter. I've never been drawn to politics, it all seems fake and contrived to me with not a bit of honesty. I've never understood what would draw someone into politics either. It's all so foreign to me.
I think the few good politicians get co-opted into the political fray of Right vs Left, and I think the few honest voices get drowned out by the roar of the political machine that is Washington.

I consider myself somewhat conservative (although I don't think true Conservatives would consider me very conservative), and at the same time I consider myself somewhat liberal (again, I do not think true Liberals would consider me very liberal). I guess you could say I'm sort of 'middle of the road' with most of my views.
I was a registered Democrat for years, and years, and years, until I got sick of the 'Holier Than Thou' attitude of BOTH parties, then I became a registered Independent.
I don't consider myself 'anti-government', I do consider myself 'anti-politics'.

I'm very cynical when it comes to politics and politicians, I'm very suspicious of the media, and I'm skeptical when it comes to the idea of 'uniting the country' in this atmosphere of hate and blame.

Anyway, that's just me, and I don't mean for this post to be about me.

I am writing here to give the proper respect due to President Barack Obama for the outstanding memorial tribute he gave honoring the victims of the Arizona shooting. He struck just the right tone of compassion, encouragement, and spirit.
When I first heard the crowd cheering him I thought, "How inappropriate, this isn't a pep rally", and I think President Obama was taken aback a little at first too. But then I realized that these people weren't cheering because of anything to do with politics, they were cheering their fellow Arizonans, they were cheering their fellow Americans, they were cheering the victims and the heroes, they were cheering themselves. And rightly so.
For all her faults, America has a kind and generous heart. Americans can depend on each other when the chips are down. Give America a crisis and she puts differences aside and she pulls together. We saw this spirit on September 11 and the months following, and we saw this spirit after the Oklahoma bombing. Sad, tragic situation after sad, tragic situation you see America's true spirit. And it has nothing to do with politics.
Yes, there are those who choose to play the 'blame game' and point fingers at each other, and let's face it, that's the media cashing in on both sides of politics, but when we look beyond the media, when we look beyond Left and Right, we see the strong bond that is America.

Another prop goes to Rahm Emanuel, for stepping up and condemning those not only on the Right, but those in his own party who twisted the meaning of his words "never let a good crisis go to waste when it's an opportunity to do things you had never considered or you didn't think were possible" into 'you never want a serious crisis to go to waste'. Props to him for condemning those who would use this tragedy for political gain.

Will things go back to 'politics as usual' today? Probably.
But, hopefully, God-Willing, things will change for the better.
And for right now, I'm going to savor the moment.

Deserved props to Rahm Emanuel, to President Barack Obama, and to all my fellow Americans.
And many prayers for a cure for the sickness that would twist a mind and heart to this violence. And many prayers for the victims, for the families, and for America in the wake of this tragedy.
God Bless America.


  1. I cried while he spoke - he was brilliant in his delivery and I saw real honest grief and hope.
    Love Gail
    peace and hope for us all

  2. Eileen, this is a wonderful post. You nailed it about America, and I agree with every word.

    I missed the speech, and then I watched the video of it late last night. It was masterful. I studied rhetoric in graduate school, and this speech was right up there with the best of them.

    Elieen, we are so much alike it isn't even funny. I'm there in the middle, too. Truthfully, I think the vast majority of Americans are, too. I had heard the commentary before I saw the speech, so I was prepared for the cheering. Hence I found myself cheering along with the crowd, needing that release after the horror of what happened to those victims.

    I'm not really sure that what happened was politically motivated in the sense that Oklahoma City was. I realize I'm not a psychologist (although I studied psychology in undergraduate and had thought long and hard about becoming one), but from the minute the news broke, I was convinced this young man was very, very sick, quite possibly with some serious psychosis. That was my first thought, and that's also what the authorities are saying. While I realize he tried to murder a politician, it could have been anyone with whom he had contact. It's a miracle he didn't kill his fellow students and teachers, and if he hadn't been expelled until he got medical help, he might well have. Thank goodness that didn't trigger something because the victim could just have easily been a teacher or a school administrator with whom he was obsessed. Unfortunatly, it was a lovely young woman whose only crime is that she was serving her country to the best of her ability and others who were there because they felt the need to communicate with their lawmaker.

    The scary thing, too, is that it could just have easily have been a Christian group. He apparently had something to say about the army giving him a Bible and how much he hated Christians. He was just a young man filled with hate, and reading things like "The Communist Manifesto" and the writings of Hitler no doubt twisted those screws in his head even more.

    And this truly is an American tragegy, and with hope and prayer, the remaining vicitims will overcome this horror. I hope and pray that Gabby will make a full recovery along with the rest of the injured. And I hope and pray that the Lord can heal the holes in the hearts of those who lost loved ones. We are all in this together because that could have been any of us going to that supermaket. It just really hits close to home, and Pres. Obama's statement that these could be our husbands, our sisters, our mothers, our children, etc. is what I think all of us are feeling. We are an American family, and while we might fight amongst ourselves like families do, we also pull together when the going gets tough.

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)

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  4. Eileen, the shootings in Arizona bothered me so much this week, I kept thinking of those families and how their lives have been changed forever, I think when a mother buries a child or a wife buries their husband well it just gives me a personal feeling of pain for these people. I even had pain for that sick young man's parents. It was horrible! I have not posted this week as I didn't want to enter the debate, but I have to agree with you. Your president gave an amazing speech. I only hope that people will think and choose their words before speaking......I love the USA and I really like your President. (I have to admit I enjoy the politics of the day, I have no idea why it is just something I have always followed)......:-)Hugs

  5. Sorry about all my spelling errors, really tired tonight and didn't check, xo

  6. President Obama showed such class and compassion in his speech. I so liked how he spoke of the people who were killed by their names, not just lump them in one group. Like you, I usually don't speak up about my views of politics, but the open hatred and disruption in our country is something people like you and I should speak about. The shooting in Arizona in my opinion was not just a tragedy. It was a mass murder. It was planned out and executed. It is not wonder things like this happen. The way television personalities push for violence over and over I pray this isn't just the beginning of more violence. I know that sounds so pessimistic, and I am usually such a positive person. I thank you for taking the time to examine your heart to write this post.

  7. sad just sad...I have nothing more to say other than: When President Obama assumed office in 2009, Favreau was appointed Assistant to the President and Director of Speechwriting.[1] He became the second youngest chief White House speechwriter on record after James Fallows.[9] His current salary is $172,200 a year.[16]

    Favreau has been named one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World" by Time magazine.[17] He ranked 33rd in the GQ "50 Most Powerful in D.C." and featured in the Vanity Fair "Next Establishment" list.[18][19] Favreau was also one of several Obama administration members in the 2009 "World's Most Beautiful People" issue of People magazine.[20]

    I often think of these men when any one in power speaks....wishing I could actually hear words from their own it possible? Not that it wasn't an incredible speech and heart-wrenching and beautiful but....I always watch the "eyes", the "eyes" always tell the disrespect here...just sayin...Every President has a "speech writer" I just wish it would have been a random speech, with no monitors, no paper in hand, just something conjured up from his own heart...
    (Please don't think badly of me!)

  8. I've always considered myself to be a conservative but Dennis says I'm more a moderate. As time goes on, I think he's right.

    Thanks for sharing this quote:
    "never let a good crisis go to waste when it's an opportunity to do things you had never considered or you didn't think were possible" i

  9. Thank you, everyone, for your comments and opinions.

    And, Linda, let me say here, I would never think badly of you!
    This is America ~ LAND OF THE FREE! That's what makes her so special, we don't all have to agree, we just have to make sure we let every voice be heard without shouting someone down just because we don't agree with them.
    I think that's why so many people are angry, they feel that they are not being heard, or that their cries fall on deaf ears.
    And I get that, I really do.
    I think it's horrible the way some politicians are personally attacked because of their views, it's heartbreaking really.
    And I know exactly what you mean about 'speech writers' and the ability to sway opinion. I've always thought that about politicians, if they have a good PR person and the media behind them, they have smooth sailing ahead of them. It's all a dog and pony show, I've always thought that.

    I was just so happy that this tragic event wasn't made a political football by President Obama's speech. My husband thinks the EXACT opposite of me on this one. But I told him to write his own blog! (hee-hee)
    LOVE YOU All!