Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Another Snow Day!

Mayor Bloomberg made it official at 5:00 AM this morning:
"It's very rare but today is an official snow day in New York City."

Which translates to NOTHING moves! There are no buses running, schools are closed, many businesses are closed, and, of course, no streets have been plowed.

Ray normally wakes up before dawn on a workday, and this is what greeted him this morning:

(My brother John was already busy shoveling next door!)

As it got a little brighter it was very pretty to look at:

Then Ray got busy shoveling us out:

And a little helper has now joined him:

But there's nowhere to put all this snow!

Piling higher and higher in front of the house:

No plows have come through the street yet:

I wonder how long this snow will stay on the roof:

Well, here is the plus column:

Ray works from home today! Yipee!
The girls are off from work! Yipee!
Jayden is off from school! Yipee!

But I hope the plows get through soon because tomorrow things are supposed to go back to normal, and we all have to go about our usual routine. And we're supposed to be having a Birthday party for Jayden on Saturday at our house. I don't know where anyone is going to park their cars!
(I was just thinking about the big Christmas weekend snowstorm, that was during a party at our house too!)

And I hear this is not going to be the end of it, more storms expected. So I keep repeating to myself, "Only two more months before Spring, only two more months before Spring..."


  1. Well the storm certainly made for some gorgeous photos! Eileen I haven't seen that much snow since Frank was nine months old when we were still in Chicago. That was 1979!

    I keep watching the weather every morning and I think of you and your family, hoping that everyone is alright and that you are well stocked. Also tell Ray to BE CAREFUL shoveling!
    My uncle had a heart attack and died from doing that so we are all very careful about it here!

    I do hope that Jayden will still be able to have his party. He seems as though he would be able to understand if it had to be postponed. At least I would hope! We'll just keep our fingers crossed.

    I know that you'll be taking care of everybody so don't forget to take care of yourself as well! I'll be watching your weather! Love you,Di ♥

  2. Oh, Eileen... you come on down to Florida! We can go to the pirate museum and go eat cupcakes afterwards.

    Those are beautiful shots, though, and that one of the early morning pink against the snow is gorgeous. And of course Jayden is so cute.

    I am playing catchup today because I am so far behind. It's been a terribly busy week because I lost that month while I was sick. It's all spinning in circles now, though.

    Sending you warm hugs across the miles...


    Sheila :-)

  3. More snow on the way?!?!? What will you do with more snow, Eileen? It is very pretty though, I think it's all the covered cars on the street that makes it look so daunting. That first photo looked like the Arctic, it must be very exciting for Jayden!

    Take care, Spring will come!

  4. When nature rules, we are all helpless against that power. It does look beautiful and you and your family are safe and you do list some things on the plus side. Good for you.

  5. I will never grow tired of seeing your snowy cold wintry pictures because they are such a huge contrast from our Ca weather. I am fascinated by it, intrigued by it, and wish I could experience it just for one winter of my life.