Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Boring, I Know, But Here's A Weather Report

Look at these pictures of ice coated cars around New York City!

Now this one below is due to a water main break in the street, but that doesn't explain how it got on the roof of the car too!

Here you can see the owner was making some progress de-icing it:
Can you imagine being those poor people coming out to start your car?
I heard on the news this morning that one owner tried to de-ice the back window with a scraper and he ended up breaking the window. Poor guy.

It was bitter cold yesterday morning walking Jayden to school. Later in the afternoon when I went to pick him up it was a little better, and today is much better. Twenty-eight degrees and light snow flurries. It feels like Spring!



    Great pictures. It is snowing lightly here and more coming later tomorrow in to Thursday. Stay warm
    Love to you

  2. Other cars driving by splashed the water onto the car.

  3. I saw those pictures on the news Eileen and I have been thinking about you. I keep telling Jake about all of that nasty weather that you've been having. I hope you get a break soon. We are going into the forties by the weekend here. Isn't that something! Maybe it will float over your way! I will start keeping my eye on my Forsythia bush in Feb. It's the first thing to get buds on it here and then I know spring is just around the corner!
    Stay warm and much love to you, Di ♥

  4. New York does everything BIG! Those photos make me shiver, Eileen. Last week I think the grandkids had two days of school! Winter has been bad all over. Stay warm!

  5. Are you kidding me?? Those pictures are amazing. What a different culture you live in compared to here in California. And you are still walking Jayden to school in that icy weather? YOU are amazing.

  6. And NO weather reports, as you say, from your part of this country are never boring!

  7. What a MESS!!!!! Bet you can hardly wait for the thaw!!!! Cathy

  8. Global Warming my Butt!!!! That's all I have to say!!!!