Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All This Snow... making me feel like this:

I guess I can't complain, it is January after all, and our little neck of the woods hasn't been hit as hard by storms as most areas around the country.
And we didn't get as much snow as some were predicting. And it is pretty for an hour or two:

And this time the Sanitation Department did their job. I heard the plows coming through the street all night long, so the roads have been cleared:

And I do feel better since Diana @ Welcome To My World posted that she was looking forward to a Spring project, and that gave me inspiration to plan one of my own (that will be a later post). Diana had posted a great picture which prompted me to scout out my own inspiration pictures, and while doing that I came across this serene setting:

I would so rather be there right now!

But I'm grateful for the Blessing of a warm house, and sitting nearby are husband (working from home today) and grandson building with his Lincoln Logs (today his school declared a 'snow day'), and a cup of pumpkin spice coffee in hand. Life is good here for this cross-eyed opossum!


  1. I'm so glad that things are better for you, Eileen! I wish you were down here with us, but it is actually chilly in Florida. No snow, though, and sun shining today. It's supposed to be cold tonight.

    I had a crazy morning. The plumber was coming out, and I couldn't find the key to unlock the door! I had every door in the house locked (deadbolted) and the car in the garage (locked), and I had to get my neighbor to come get me out and let the plumber in the house! LOL! It was something. I felt a bit like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, searching for not only my keys but my brain.

    Sending love your way. Hope your niece is better.


    Sheila :-)

  2. The picture in your header is so good. Did you take that picture? Really nice.
    I know the abundance of snow is a nuisance as well as so cold. I hope you get through the winter safely and who says you have to wait till spring to have a project to work on? Hugs to you.


    Oh the bliss of New England huh? It is SO beautiful here - see my latest post when you can. All is well.
    Love to you

  4. I know snow must get weary but oh, we never have beauty like that...never. I've never even seen beauty like that. I want to trade. You can have our sun, and I will take the snow.

  5. Yes indeed, a nice picture!!! Wishing you well! Cathy

  6. LOL yes that sounds wonderful! OH the SNOW you have! I agree, it is beautiful for a few hours and while it is snowing...then the reality sets in LOL. Thank goodness for fireplaces and warm spice coffee. I love your New Years look on your blog!

  7. I thought you looked kinda cute there Eileen! Cuter than a carrot to be sure!!LOL!!
    Jake told me today that he heard on the news that 49 states have snow right now including Hawaii. He said the only one that didn't was Florida! I don't know weather or not that's true but it seems like lots of folks are getting snow right now. I have been thinking of you every time I watch the weather. You really got a lot there!
    We only had about 3 in. but they closed schools today because it was so cold. It is hard to stay motivated in all of this. I sometimes think that we should just sleep through the whole winter!
    I love your picture, I can picture something like that by your pool! O.K. it's time for me to go back to napping! Love Di ♥

  8. With 6 inches of snow on the ground I can only dream of spring. Althought your photo does give me something to dream about.

  9. I heard the same thing on the news as Jake did, and I spoke with my brother and his wife who spend winters in Florida and they said it was cold there although they still went golfing. We are freezing here, it is still snowing and it is suppose to be this way until the first of the week....errrr. I am cozy inside and have lots of groceries in so it will be fine. Stay warm and safe my friend.....:-)Hugs