Friday, January 21, 2011

Jayden's Fourth Year ~ The Blessings Continue

Still very excited about 'Star Wars' gifts!

Happy Birthday, Four-Year-Old!

What has put this surprised smile on the Birthday Boy?

A bicycle from Uncle Brian!

Thank You, God!


  1. Eileen, I love how expressive Jayden's face is. You can just see his joy in everything. My favorite shot? The one of him getting a haircut!


    Sheila :-)

  2. EILEEN-

    Oh my, he is precious and so happy and full of life - his early chapters written by you will sustain him - provide that foundation upon which he will always stand firm and safe and tall. Hallelujah!!
    Love to you

  3. I don't believe I've ever - in 62 years - seen more beautiful eyes than God gave Jayden. He certainly had a busy & happy 4th year :)

  4. Yes Rebecca is right. Jayden has spectacular eyes! I can't wait to hear how he uses them to his advantage when he is a grown man!!!
    Happy 4th Jayden! Love Di ♥

  5. OK...I just have to say that I agree with Rebecca too! I love the close up pic of him in the red shirt..It really shows off his gorgeous eyes. He is just a darling little boy. He is so lucky to have you in his life!
    Happy 4th Birthday Jayden!! Please tell him Sam and I send birthday love and hugs:)

  6. How can that be but he just keeps getting cuter and cuter through the years. He has those killer eyes and hair! My 3rd son always had hair that same deep rich color.

  7. Awe, what a little blessing Jayden is. He is so darned cute, I just want to hug him. Looks like he had a wonderful year, and I love that he always has such a huge smile on his face. He must be your joy Eileen!!! Hold him while you can, they grow up so fast.
    (((HUGS))) T

  8. Even though I see you on Facebook, I wanted to come here and give that sweet Jayden a pinch on the cheek....and tell him just how cute as a button he is. I can't do that from here....but would you do it for me!? :))))
    What a blessing and a gift our children and grandchildren are....
    Love to you, my friend...
    Nana (Jackie)

  9. He is a precious child and such a blessing in your life! I can totally relate! That first grandchild there is something about them and then of course living with you...well enough said right? My first lived with us for a year while her mommy was making that hard transition into single mommyhood and when they left to move to Maryland...I was totally devastated, I thought I had lost my was horrible. Still is even after 13 years!