Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Boy And Blogging Break

I'm going to be taking a break from blogging for most of the month of February. The end of next month actually will be a year since I have started blogging so I hope to get back to it before that date, but before I do that I have lots to do around this house, some obligations to meet, and some promises to keep.
I might post for my Mom's Anniversary but as that day approaches I am feeling more and more sad, and less and less like posting about it.
I'll try visiting (and commenting) as often as I can, and I'll post if anything out of the ordinary or anything interesting goes on in my usually boring life.

Well, I think it's appropriate that my last few posts before I break from 'Umma's World' have been about the little lad that dubbed me 'Umma'!


On his Birth Day!

~1st Birthday Party~

Jayden's 1st Birthday party had to be put off numerous times because everyone in the house was sick that winter. And we had so many other things going on in our lives at that time too. We did have a little cake for him on his birthday though.

We finally had a party for him a few weeks later on February 11.

My sister Diane and I left the party to go be with my Mom who was on hospice care at the time, we stayed the night with her, and we were Blessed to still be with her when she went Home to Heaven the next day.

~2nd Birthday Party~

~3rd Birthday Party~

~4th Birthday Party~

Jayden's eyes really lit up...

...when he saw Uncle Brian's gift!

~5th Birthday Party~

Today, January 31, is Jayden's Birthday, but there has been a lot of celebrating already, his class celebrated his birthday in school, and he came home with a Birthday Crown that the teacher gave to him. And we celebrated his birthday with a family party yesterday, and today we'll be going to a school Mass, and then go across to his school for Open House, we'll get to see his classroom and some of the work that the children have been doing will be on display too, and then we'll take a tour of the school and visit the Kindergarten class that he will be in next year. After that we'll go out to lunch and come back home and have another little birthday celebration for him.

It's amazing to me to think about how much my life revolves around this little guy when even the thought of him did not exist just a few years ago.


  1. You know the old saying " Good Things Come in Small Packages"? I think this applies to Jayden! I hope is day is very special but knowing you Eileen it will be. Are you still going to be farming?! Love Di

    With Much Love, Diane

  3. Grandchildren do that to you, Eileen.
    I have two more grandchildren birthday posts to do for February! 2 down 2 to go!

    Will miss you during your break!


  4. Best wishes to you while you take care of things in life. You are leaving some wonderful pictures here for us to see.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JAYDEN!!! What a wonderful little boy you are ♥
    Enjoy your break Eileen. We will all miss you and will be waiting for you when you return. Take care friend ♥
    Love, charli and me


    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYDEN" ANd like I said - YOU are writing loving, purposeful, valued and life-giving chapters of his life. You are the life force. Amen.

    Love and respect for all you are and all you do'

  7. Boohoo. How I will miss this blessed blog. (But it's not about me, and I wish and pray the very best for you.) May you find grace, energy, efficiency, and results for all your plans and efforts. I know you will be taking care of yourself and your precious family. Please keep in touch. If you're on facebook and want to be my friend, I'm Rebecca Zimmerman Gates.....

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  9. Sorry Eileen, I had my fingers on the wrong row of keys.....
    Jayden you have the most beautiful eyes ever, I do hope you had a special day filled with cake, presents and much love.
    Will miss you Eileen, please don't be too sad as you remember your mother, know she would want you to be happy. Be thankful for all the years you were blessed to have her.....Hugs

  10. Sweet Eileen, My heart just goes out to you my friend. There is a bond among those of us whose Moms have made that journey to a better place. Almost 5 1/2 years later for me and my heart still longs for a hug and a smile from her. Most of my tears have been replaced with joy, but there are still those moments when they come and sadness and loss draw me away for a little while.

    It makes me smile to think of her watching you with Jayden and Mia. I know she would be so very proud of you, and the wonderful Umma you are.

    We will miss you, sweetie, but will be here when you get back. You can email me anytime at this address:

    Please know that I am praying for you and for all that you want to accomplish.
    May God comfort you, and pour out His richest blessings on you and your family. Crawl up in His lap and let Him comfort you with His amazing love and peace.

    Love you,

  11. Eileen...I think of you as "Umma"...that's just what naturally comes to my mind. You are a beautiful and loving Umma...and I will miss you so much while you are gone. Until you return, know that I'm thinking of you...

  12. Happy Birthday to Jayden....what a lucky and blessed (to have you as his Umma)...and beautiful little boy!!
    I will miss you while you're gone...but enjoy your time away :)
    Love and hugs to you....Jerelene

  13. Loved all the pictures of little Jayden...did I tell you he was in a dream I had a few nights ago? I know his birthday was wonderful because it had his wonderful Umma in it!

    You will be sorely missed, Eileen and you have a fascinating life!

    blessings and missing you already hugs,


  14. That newborn picture of Jayden is captivating. What a handsome little baby even from the beginning!
    I hope you don't take a break for long, but I understand the need to. You put lots of energy into your blog and I always enjoy it. Until you return, I will miss you.

  15. Happy Birthday, has been a pleasure getting to know this little boy more through the months! You are blessed, and so is he. So much love going around, and reaching all the way to me!

    I will miss you, but do enjoy your blogging break, Eileen.


  16. Missing you already!! Wishing you well1 Wish Jayden Happy Birthday and the pictures were grand as always! Cathy

  17. Eileen, take a much needed relaxing break from blogging but know that while you are gone you will be missed. This child is so beautiful. Yes I said it, he is a beautiful BOY! I know exactly how you are feeling about your grand children. I feel the same way about ALL of mine! There isn't a one that I don't just love to death! We deserve it too. All the sweetness of those grand babies, after all, it was because 2 people fell in love that they are here! and I am meaning you and yours! have a nice retreat, come back soon! love and hugs...lindalu

  18. what a sweet boy you have! thank you for your prayers. i'll pray you enjoy your "boring" life and that your cup remains full! (I love your really sounds much like me!)

  19. Eileen, you know I think that Jayden is the cutest thing EVER! I hope his birthday was super special.

    Thinking of you and missing you. I hope you are getting some rest and are enjoying Jayden and Mia. Sorry to hear you have't been feeling well, and I pray you are better soon, my sweet friend.

    Every year about the time that one of my parents and my grandmother went to heaven, I feel like the wind is out of my sails. And then something will happen, and the sails will fill with wind again for me to keep sailing. But I do understand those times. I pray that the wind will blow your sails full again so that you can feel the joy of sailing on a smooth sea.