Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sisters In Faith Award

I was happily surprised and honored to receive
The Sisters In Faith Award from Cathy @ A Bit Of The Blarney. Cathy's blog is so Faith-filled and so inspiring, and I am grateful that she chose me as one of her "new" Sisters In Faith.

As a recipient of this award you are asked to pass it to those who reflect the spirit of this award and the instructions are:

1. Pass this award to sisters who have been blogging with you from the beginning.

2. Include at least one new
Sister In Faith.

Well, I wanted to make sure I understood exactly what this award was all about so I went in search of the creator of this award and I found it was Karinann @ Blessings for the Day. Her blog is beautiful and spiritually enriching.
In her post about this award she wrote:
"For my final post of 2009 here on Blessings, I thought I would celebrate the gift of spiritual sisterhood. God has used this special medium of the blogosphere to bring many of us together who might under the usual circumstances of life, may never have crossed paths.
I am grateful for those who have joined me on my spiritual path.
As 2009 ends and 2010 begins I wanted to say thank you to all of my spiritual sisters who help and encourage me along this journey of faith. To do this, I created this little blog award called The Sisters In Faith Award."

I loved what Karinann had to say and her words speak what is in my heart.

She went on to say that while she would like to award everyone on her blog roll, she was going to single out the few that had been blogging with her from the very beginning and she was going to include at least one new follower.
So in keeping with that spirit the two Sisters In Faith who I have been blogging with since the very beginning are:
1. Marcy @ Blessings Each Day
2. Diana @ Welcome To My World

I think that Marcy has already been awarded this but I had to list her as she was my very first friend from the Village to pay me a visit and Diana was soon after.
I really should include you all, because you have all helped me along my spiritual journey these past months, and I am so grateful to you all. And I hope that in turn Diana and Marcy will help to spread this beautiful award throughout the Village because you are all so deserving.

The newest followers I would like to pass this award to are:
1. Rebecca @ Life and Godliness
2. Lidj @ Crown of Beauty

Both these women have helped to heighten my spiritual senses and they have helped me remove so many obstructions that serve as roadblocks on my journey of Faith.

God Bless you all!


  1. Dear Miss Eileen,
    If I understand the lineage correctly, you are the sister of one of my employers, Marybeth Brickner-Stevens. She told me weeks, and weeks ago about your blog... and I look forward to reading past blog pages of your life and family. My name is Penny Scarborough, from New Milford, PA. (Also known as Podunk PA. ;) Anyhow... I've been wanting to connect with you about your stories of 9/11... Marybeth tells me that you have covered a lot of information about this event... and I truly look forward to connecting with your stories. I cannot even imagine the intensity, anxiety, horror, and hope that most New York citizens dealt with in those very short hours that day. I remember my husband calling me from a client's home to check in on me to make sure I was alright... and well... I wasn't alright. It was heart-wretching. And that... is putting it mildly. In my own home in the state of Pennsylvnia, I was so uncertain as to what was going on. I was watching history happen before my very own eyes, but wondering at the same time, "how big is this, will we all live through this, and" the biggest of all questions, "who is doing this to us"!

    Hugs, Penny Sue
    PS - Congrats on your Sisters in Faith award! You go girl. Have a great Monday. I look forward to a wonderful relationship through blogland with you. Take good care. And live every minute as if it just might be your last... you never know! Right?

  2. Good for you!!! You really do deserve this award!! You are kind and one of those loyal readers that make ones day! God Bless!!! Cathy

  3. You truly deserve the Sisters in Faith Award, Eileen and I think you made perfect choices in passing in on to our fellow villagers, Marcy, Diana, and Rebecca. I will have to visit Lidj @ Crown of Beauty. Have a wonderful week Eileen. look like the middle angel, with your two sisters, in the award!

  4. Thank you so much Eileen. It's kind of a strange feeling as it really hasn't been that long since we started following each others blogs but it feels as if we've been friends for a very long time! You know that I do love you and I feel honored that you thought of me. I will accept the award and post on it soon. Thank You!
    Love Di

  5. Hi Eileen, I received that award a few days ago and I believe it is my favorite of all of them. I have ordered a book of my 1st year blogging. I choose my profile picture for the front and this sister award for the back. I can hardly wait to see the book. Many blessings to you.

  6. Thank you Eileen for the links to the other blogs. I always enjoy checking out new ones. I especially like blogs that are written from the heart, like yours.

  7. Dear Eileen,
    What a blessed morning, my first back home after a whole day of traveling yesterday... and to find this very special and heartwarming award from you.

    I accept it with grace and humility but give the honor back to God. He is our Creator and Master Story Writer of our lives and to he alone deserves the glory!

    But I must congratulate you for the award. You have such a sweet and encouraging spirit, that I feel I know you face to face just from reading your blog.

    You write very well, and especially if something is moving your heart, your creative writing juices just flow! I appreciate having you for a blog friend.

    Thank you for your major contribution to this e-world of heart to heart friendship. We do have a lot to share and to learn from each other!


  8. Congrats on your award Eileen. It is clear to see that many others see your shining heart.

  9. You are well chosen for this award. Your honest heart that seeks God, reaches out to others, and yearns to live for the glory of God is refreshing and pure.

    Thank you for extending it to me. I may not post it, but I think you understand. It spurs me on - challenges me - to blog honestly and full of faith and to be sure my "real life" is honestly represented in my "blog life"!

    Thanking God for ALL my Sisters in Faith - and especially YOU, today.

  10. Congratulations on this award. I can certainly agree and understand why you were given this award.