Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, K-K-K-Katie!

I was going to write a story or a poem that went along the lines of this:
the times Katie's tried, and of the times she's filled us with so much pride, and I was going to write about how she has Blessed us with one of our greatest gifts, and how to our family this has added so much bliss.
I was going to write about how Katie drives me insane to a point where at times I don't know my own name, or how my oldest daughter and I hardly ever see eye-to-eye, or how I have to remind myself that our children are not actors in some play and how they won't be directed by anything we do or say, and how we have to let them go their way, it's pointless to hold on to yesterday.

(No matter how old they get ~ isn't this the way we remember them?)

But then I thought long and hard about this daughter of mine and I could think of no better gift to give than this...

(This is a song her FarFar used to sing to her.)

...and this:

Remember when our boy was obsessed with vacuuming?!



And I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Debbie, the teacher I used to work with, she became a very treasured friend during those years. We spent many joyful moments together in that Kindergarten class, and we also weathered some very heartbreaking moments together.
'Love you, Deb!


  1. Another birthday! ANd I had just visited your blog this morning to read about Aunt Florence, and now it's Katie's birthday too!

    She's so lovely...as a baby...and all those lovely phtotos of you and her, and her dad (I assume, as there were no captions). Then somewhere along the photos, there's Jayden too, looking a lot like her. Is Katie his mom? I ask cause I haven't read that far back into your blog. But maybe he is Katie's son! Wow, amazing similarity. You'd think they were twins!

    Happy birthday to Katie. I loved the song! We used to sing it when I was little. Every 8 p.m after dinner, we'd listen to this sing along program on the radio, and they had all those songs. KKKKatie, and I've Been Working on the Railroad, and Moonlight Bay!

    More memories!


  2. Happy Birthday to your K -K- K Katie Eileen! I love the super baby picture of Jayden! Katie reminds me of the actress on Private practice that plays Violet,I remember that song too!
    Love Di

  3. How very delightful...Happy Birthday, Katie! And Happy Birthing Day to you Eileen! (My brother started a tradition with my mother many years ago of taking Mom out to dinner on HIS birthday as a gift to her! Wish I lived near her so I could do the same thing! It is a wonderful idea, I think!)

    You know, don't you, that I will be humming this song ALLLLLL day now! :)

    Wishing you WELL! Cathy

  4. Happy Birthday Katie...I see where Jayden gets his big beautiful eyes, he looks just like his mom. She has a great son to watch grow up. I loved the photo of Jayden in all blue, with his ear turned down, where he is dressed in white with you and Katie, where he's pointing, and him coming out from school with that ever present smile of his and of course, where Mia is feeding him!
    Katie was a beautiful baby too, with those same sweet eyes! Lovely memories Eileen.

  5. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
    Love, Daddy

  6. HAPPY B-DAY, Kate!
    Love, Diane


    A quick visit - I am SO busy with Gracey-Blue and the new schedule. phew. She is precious.

    "Happy Birthday to K-K-Katie" THe pictures are amazing and your heartfelt sentiments tug at my heart. YOu are such an amazing Mom and 'Umma'.

    Love Gail

  8. Katie looks a lot like you, but I'm sure you hear that all the time. That picture of Katie and Jayden and his dad, (I think?)...the one where Jayden is wearing that brown hat...is so CUTE!!

    Interesting what you said about how we are not directors in a play and our kids being the actors. I think before we are moms we sort of look at it that way...but after motherhood boy does that ever change! Our kids truly do come into this world as their own person.

    Hope Katie has a wonderful birthday! It's Den's birthday today too!!

  9. Such wonderful pictures. Katie has the most amazing eyes!!! Jayden is so good looking. Happy Birthday Katie.

  10. As someone else noted - Jayden certainly has his mother's eyes!

    I join the "Happy Birthing Day" sentiment since it's YOU I actually know...Your reflections re. directing and acting in regards to our children are profound.

    Much love to you, Eileen, as you continue your relationship with Katie & her precious Jayden.

  11. Jayden's MommyJanuary 26, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    Awww!! I just got off the phone with you, but I hadn't checked your blog yet because I'd been so busy at work, and now I'm practically crying at my desk because of my Far-Far song and my beautiful little boy!!! I Love You, Mommy!!!! Thanks!

    And, thank you, everybody in Umma's blogland, for the lovely birthday wishes!!!

  12. Happy Birthday to K-K-K Katie!! Mommy and son share the same beautiful eyes.

  13. Those eyes Eileen.....I still cant get over those eyes. Happy Birthday Kaite.

  14. Happy Birthday to Katie!! What a lovely daughter and how lucky she is to have you as a Mom!! My oldest son loved vacuums too :)
    Our kids birthdays are kind of birthdays for us Moms too....such a special day!!
    What a beautiful family you have...true blessings :)
    Love and hugs....Jerelene

  15. Katie is lovely and I hope she had a great birthday. We sang that song alot when I was a kid. Great pics. All of them.

  16. I love how you showed MORE pictures of Jayden than Katie! LOL that's a grandma for you! Happy Birth-Day to you Eileen. After all....this is a very special day for you too! She is beautiful, you must be very proud, she has blessed your with soooo much! hugs....

  17. What a wonderful post, Eileen! Loved it! And a very Happy Belated Birthday to K-K-K-Katie and wishing her m-m-m-many more! :-)



  18. Eileen- Happy Birthday to your beautiful Katie! Hope her day is so very special! Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers, dear friend. You are one of the most precious people I have ever met and you are such a blessing to me.:) Sending lots of love your way, dear friend! Lori

  19. What wonderful pictures Eileen! Happy birthday to your Katie. That little Jayden has a big peice of my heart ♥ He is such a charmer.You are such a special and giving person Eileen. I think one of the hardest things I had to learn in life was to let go. It still doesn't sit right sometimes but it is the way things have to be. Thank you for your kindness and concern for Charli and me.