Thursday, January 28, 2010

Precious Moments

Sometimes in our lives God Blesses us beyond our wildest dreams. I have been so Blessed with my grandchildren Mia and Jayden.

On Sunday Jayden will turn five, and the joy that has filled my life these past five years is way beyond description. I don't know of any words in the English language that would do justice to the elation, delight, and love this child has brought into our home and into my life.
I'm ashamed to say that I did not greet the news of Jayden's impending birth with great joy. And it was with reluctance that I readied the house for a new baby. It had been twenty years since I had fed, and diapered, and cared for a newborn, and I did not relish the thought of bottles, and bassinet, and playpen, and crib, and stroller, and high chair (and all the rest of the paraphernalia that comes with caring for a baby) taking over my home again. It felt like an invasion.

Had I only known the immense love that was about to enter my life I would have gleefully tended to that task with a grateful heart and happy anticipation rather than a mere sense of obligation.

Here are just a few of the precious moments spent with this precious boy:

I am so Blessed.
God Is So Good.


  1. Eileen, I have tears in my eyes as I view your beautiful grandson....the love in your eyes and in his has really touched my heart. Yes Eileen, God is good and has blessed you so much to be able to enjoy Jayden from the day of his birth and the years following. I am so happy for you, Jayden and all of your family. Big Hugs to Jayden and Happy Birthday to a very special little boy.....:-) Hugs

  2. A friend explained to me once how this works: We have a special place in our hearts that is tucked away. We don't even know it is there until our first grandchild is born and then it comes to life. Then we are smitten forever with a joy not quite like any other. All those beautiful pictures are proof of that! Happy Birthday Jayden!!

  3. He is a little doll! Loved this, Eileen. An early Happy Birthday to that precious boy!

    Sending you much love, too. You are a fabulous grandmother! That from someone who was blessed to have the most wonderful grandmother in the world.


    Sheila :-)

  4. Speechless....these are photographs of love.
    I feel it as I look at every one of them.
    You are blessed Eileen...blessed beyond measure.

  5. Jayden has the most BEAUTIFUL eyes!!! Happy Birthday to Jayden and Happy Day to you!!! Cathy

  6. A very sweet post involving two sweeties.

    True that Jayden has been a blessing in your life, but YOU have been a super blessing in that little guy's life too! The love between the two of you is almost palpable in the photos.

    Doe Mia think that sink photo of baby Jayden is extra special because he has a duck??!!

    When you posted pictures of your aunts I noticed the big beautiful eyes (yours too) and so he gets them from your family and he does look like you too!

    Happy birthdya cutie pie Jayden.

    blessings and love and hugs,


  7. Eileen...Your post honestly made me cry this morning. Our grandsons almost share birthdays, although 17 years apart!
    I had similar mixed feelings about babysitting our first grandchild Dustin, whose birthday is tomorrow. But it became the biggest blessing in my life, along with doing the same for 6 of the other 9. Being with them daily gave me such JOY!

    Watching you with Jayden and Mia is a joy too, I know how they enrich your life...and you theirs. Your love for them is so obvious.
    ...I loved the photos, I just scrolled through them again and again they brought tears to my eyes...

    Happy 5th Birthday Jayden!!!


    So beautiful, such a celebration of all that is good in the world - the pictures speaks volumes of family love, hope, promise and faithj. Amen....

    Love Gail

  9. This post just reminds me again that everything happens for a reason! It was just meant to be.
    And how could you not love a face like that?!
    Give Jayden an extra kiss for me!
    Love Di

  10. Great writing full of heart and love. So many wonderful pictures showing your relationship with Jayden.

  11. Yes, you are blessed & Yes, God is good. May He continue to fill your life with joy and energy to match your love for these children. The way you have embraced the gift of this child is awesome. I know the celebration will be fun for all!

  12. Yes indeed you are blessed. The pictures are lovely.

    Happy Birthday to Jayden!


  13. Oh Eileen! You are just so precious, and you are blessed indeed! I do happen to think that Jayden and Mia are also extremely blessed to have such an awesome Umma!! You can just feel your love for them and the pleasure you take in them!!

    Please wish him a very happy birthday from Florida!! Have a blast!