Friday, January 15, 2010

Erin's Birthday ~ And Many Thanks To The Village

Happy Birthday, Erin!
I used to watch my niece Erin and my nephew Thomas after their Mom (Ann) went back to work, both Erin and Thomas just so easily blended into our family, and lucky for us my sister-in-law would allow us to tote them to and fro, I'm sure Ann missed them terribly, but she never put any constraints on us. If we had travel plans, Ann very graciously packed their bags and let us drag them all over the place. We had a cabin upstate and Ann would let us take them up there for the summer (well, I spent a few summers there with the kids and Ray and Ann would drive up on weekends).
Erin was just the sweetest little girl, she was kind, she was helpful, she never uttered one word of complaint, and she was a joy to have around!
Erin was always such a tiny little thing, and she still is today at thirty, and she has such a pleasant demeanor, but, make no mistake, Erin knows how to fight for what she thinks is right, and she is loyal and devoted to those she loves.
She is as much a part of me as my own children are, and I always treated her as one of my own, and even today I badger her as if she was my own by nagging her to marry George and start a family and give me some grand-nieces and grand-nephews!

Oh! And one other thing about Erin and I is the fact that we compliment each other perfectly as dinner guests because even though we both love broccoli, I like only the florets and Erin prefers only the stalks!

Summer fun in Paco's Pool!

Ellie, Katie, Erin
(Taken at the cabin upstate with Erin giving the horns to Katie!)

At the airfield upstate in Monticello.

Taken in Smallwood

Senior Prom


...and now...


I also want to thank all the Villagers who did such wonderful birthday posts for me. I was overwhelmed and once again you have touched my heart with your kindness, I am humbled. I value each and every one of you and I'm so glad to have met you! And I want to thank your followers who also wished me well, and some of them even paid a visit here to do so, I will visit them all personally to thank them, if not this week then next week for sure!

I found this poem awhile ago and it sums up perfectly my feelings about blogging and my feelings for my friends here in Blogland:

Dena Martin

As I look
Beyond the ripples of my reflections to examine my inner self
Those ripples begin to fade
And the reflection lays beside me
Grasping my hand,
The inner warmth shields me
And the vision of my reflection appears.
And I see you.
My friend.


  1. I love your family posts Eileen! You all seem to compliment each other so well, it's beautiful to see such a close family. It really warms my heart.
    I hope that you had a good birthday and a ver Happy Birthday to Erin! Love Di

  2. Hi Eileen! such a sweet post and tribute to a beautiful young lady! I can see why she loves you so much and why you adore her as well. And to have your BD's so close together! What a treat! The poem is beautiful. Thank you once again for your friendship! hugs and smiles across many miles...

  3. Happy Birthday Erin, what a sweetie you are and I'm sure you know your Aunt Eileen nags you with much love intended.
    I am so pleased that you enjoyed your birthday Eileen, We in the Village are so proud you are a part of us and it was a joy to wish you a Happy Birthday......big Hugs to Jayded and Mia. ........:-)


    A very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Erin - :-)

    And you are so very welcome and I love, love the poem, 'Serenity". THANK YOU!!

    Love Gail

  5. Happy Birthday to Erin. One of my GD is 15 today. How wonderful to see them grow into beautiful young ladies. Blessings

  6. Best wishes to Erin for a wonderful birthday and coming year.

  7. That picture of Ellie as a little girl reminds me so much of your grandchildren. She sure looks like them, at least she did back then.
    You certainly did live a busy life back then!! Your 5 plus 2 others. And you even took them on trips!

  8. I'm so upset with myself I have a stomach ache! Your beautiful picture sat in my files for at least a week waiting to be uploaded yesterday. But I hadn't written it down, thinking I would certainly remember. Yesterday came and went with several distractions. I didn't even visit the rest of the village or I would have caught the hint. But here I sit with egg on my face.

    OK. It's not about ME. It's about you - and I wish you a belated but so sincere wish for a wonderful year. I thank God for finding you....for all the ways I've grown to appreciate family and friends, beauty and my faith because of you. God bless you greatly, Eileen. Your sorry friend, Rebecca

  9. Happy Birthday to Erin!!!

    You have a sweet extended family Eileen...I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews that I always watched for my working makes great memories to share.


  10. I wish Erin a most happy birthday!!! But most of all Iwant to wish you a belated Happy Birthday!!! My apologies for missing such a special day!!! God bless you!!! Now that i have Simon back I hope I am a better friend!! Cathy :)

  11. Happy Birthday, Erin! You're the best!

  12. Happy Birthday Erin! You too Eileen! Sorry that this Villager has been so busy she missed your important day.

    You have such a beautiful family, hugs and blessings to you all!