Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Memories

Do you ever feel like going back in time? Or back to a simpler time in your life? I'm usually very happy to live in the here and now, I've loved every stage of my life, and I've loved every age I have been, but lately I've been feeling very nostalgic so I went in search of some fun memories. Maybe there are a few of you who can share my enthusiasm for these things.

If you are in your mid-fifties or beyond I think you might remember these:

When Nuns dressed like Nuns...

...and do you remember Audrey Hepburn in this movie?

And after seeing Ingrid Bergman in "The Bells of St. Mary's" I was sure I wanted to be a nun just like her!


Nun Dolls!

(No, I did not have a Nun Doll but my older sister did and boy did I covet that doll!)

Do you remember Colorforms?
(We had both the plain colorforms [just the shapes] and a few character sets.)

What about Wax Lips?
(I used to love chewing these and I loved the taste of that wax!)

Anyone break a tooth on Turkish Taffy?
(Ray reminded me of how we used to have to smash it onto the ground to break it into bite-sized pieces!)

Was I the only one addicted to Lik-m-aid?
(I loved dipping my finger into this sweet powder! )

And this:
(I loved this song! I loved Shelley Fabres! And I especially loved The Donna Reed Show!)

Well, thanks for coming along with me as I recalled bits and pieces of my childhood. If you didn't remember any of these maybe you'll find something in my post next 'Monday Memories'.
I'd love to hear any of your memories!

Have I done anything healthy lately?
Yes! (Thank you, Teresa @ Mysterri2me2, you have made me much more aware of my food choices and you have provided me with lots of healthful tips!)

I've been trying to eat only two meals a day, I don't think in terms of 'breakfast', 'lunch', or 'dinner', I just think in terms of eating healthy, so I don't necessarily care if my breakfast is not what I would normally consider the breakfast food group.
Recently for breakfast (and a mid-morning snack) I ate Wasa Bread, Jarlsburg Cheese, grapes and bananas:

And later that same day I also made a Seafood salad and wrapped it in Spinach flatbread:

And I've been exercising with some routines on the Exercise TV Channel:


  1. Just using my own comment forum to thank everyone for all your kind words, your support means so much. And it does help more than you know.
    Love to all,

  2. I can't show the nun's to Katie. No, they are like clowns to her. They creep her out, why I have no idea. She's never even been by one!
    I loved colorforms and would still probably play with them if I had some! And oh yes wax lips and I liked the was teeth! One of my favorites was bubble gum cigarettes that when you blew on them, powdered sugar would come out in a puff!
    Damn things, it's probably why I still smoke today! This was fun Eileen.
    I also wanted to let you know that when my mom passed away, I found myself daydreaming a lot, it really helped.
    Love Di

  3. Eileen...I was transported...and I don't want to come back! I love the wax lips!!! I remember them so well...and the Lick Em Aid...dipping the stick down in there...yummmmm.
    What a wonderful trip. I remember seeing nuns dressed as nuns (I'm Baptist...but I do remember seeing nuns...and wondering about their habits..)...I also remember when R.N.'s wore their starched white uniforms....white caps with the black stripe(s) on them...and they always scared me to death!...but I do wish for some of the 'good old' days back...yes, I do.
    Many hugs to you, Eileen...always.

  4. Such a good idea for a post, Eileen.

    Those crazy wax lips were a lot of fact I remember a candy store across from the first school I went to (before begging to go to Catholic school) and it had so many fantastic and creative candies like flying saucers. It was always crowded there.

    Nowadays it's a rare find to see a nun in a full habit and I, too, wanted to be a nun in grade school.

    Glad Jackie mentioned nurses too...forgot all about them wearing those starchy uniforms!

    Don't think I was ever patient enough to just use the stick candy to get the lik-m-aid...most of the time my finger was used or I just would dump it into my mouth.

    Those bubble gum cigarettes that Di mentioned were too funny but I just liked them for the bubble gum flavor although I did think I looked pretty cool and sophisticated (at nine years old) with one between my lips.

    blessings and candy hugs,


    p.s. I also remember liking Shelly Fabares and that song!

  5. That was fun. And with the words to the song I was able to sing along here at my computer desk at 6:30am! :) Even without the words I probably could have done it, just not as well. Interesting to me how the songs often had names attached, unlike today.

    And to show how behind the times I guess I am, I didn't know Colorforms were no longer, also the wax lips....are they not still around?

    I'm proud of you for your good eating choices. But why only 2 meals a day? I eat about every 3 hours all day long. I think those bananas are about ready for banana nut bread.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better Eileen. You've been on my mind.

  6. ...and remember the cavities!

  7. Hi Eileen, I love the new look of your blog. So pretty!
    What a great idea to have a weekly post called 'Monday Memories' I will look forward to your posts. I am happy with my life too but my heart drifts back more often than not to those good old days. I remember all of the things you mentioned. Life back then was so much simplier and safer. I wish the world could some how turn around so we could live in a world like that again.

  8. Eileen, what a walk down memory lane, I remember playing, eating and just having fun with everything you have shared......loved this post.
    I hope all is going well for you and your family, was sorry to hear about your friend, you are always in my heart and prayers, big hugs to Jayden and Mia......:-) Hugs

  9. We had a small mom and pop type store just up the road, that we were allowed to walk to. You could go in with a dime and come out with a little brown bag full of candy...and we took forever deciding just what we wanted. The owners were so patient! Remember the wax harmonica type whistles? Sugar Daddys were my favorite! Monday Memories is a good idea Eileen!

  10. Hi dear Eileen,

    Congratulations to your niece Erika. THe pictures you posted of her and the rest of the family are lovely!

    And this post, about going back in time, it just amuses me to pieces! I love Nun movies -- Sister Act, Sound of Music... Sound of Music is still a favorite of mine up to now. And I think I will forever have a crush on Captain Von Trapp. I watched this movie when I was a teenager, and I think that Captain will always be the man of my dreams.

    Well, for twelve year, the first formative years of my life, I went to a convent school in Manila run by Belgian nuns, so there is always going to be a soft spot in my heart for nuns, and will always love to remember them the way they dressed then.

    And I loved the healthy meals you have been eating lately!

    Glad to have visitied today!


  11. I'm late reading this, but I share several of those memories....can remember sitting on the beach with a transistor radio listening to Johnny Angel....passing hours in the summer......

    Well, Eileen! You really showed some "healthy meals" here. I'm impressed. Be sure it's something you like and that you eat enough (and frequently enough) not to get antsy/snacky in between! (Voice of experience speaking here!!!)