Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland? I Don't Know About That

Well, I think I would view any one of these as a beautiful Winter Wonderland:

But I don't think this is very pretty at all:

The house looks cold and the awning looks like it is straining under all that snow (and look at our tiny oak tree refusing to let go of it's leaves)!

It looks like lots of work:
Shoveling out the cars in the driveway...

...and shoveling the sidewalks and paths to the house...

...along with shoveling the paths of many neighbors!

And putting down lots of salt.

And our front porch which at one time looked like this... looks like this:

But the Christmas decorations look pretty dressed in snow!

And I'm sure if I had thought to take pictures last night during the snowfall or first thing this morning before the shoveler's work was done I might think it was indeed a Winter Wonderland for a little while.
I always said I love the snow for a moment or two, but I hate the work and the mess that follows!

And walking up the block...

...or walking down the block...

...does not make me feel like I am walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Well, pretty or not ~ here's someone that enjoys the snow!


  1. LOL...I'm not supposed to be out commenting...but I couldn't resist looking to see if you'd posted anything about the snow...and looks like we may have gotten as much or more than you...and we're south of you!!!! Can't believe that!!!! But I'm sure you will beat us before the winter is out!!!!!! And while snow is pretty... I think my husband is as thrilled about it as yours is!!!! Merry Christmas, dear Eileen!!! Stay in and stay warm!! I toast you with my cup of hot tea!! ;-) Love~Janine XO

  2. Eileen, I love your winter wonderland photo's and Jayden is having so much don't seem very enthused my dear friend....but it's winter and snow comes with the season. It is snowing lightly here now as well and it is not very cold and I think all is beautiful....big hugs to Jayden and Mia......:-)

  3. I so agree with you Eileen! I enjoy it for just a moment or two also. It looks pretty, but it is is great for children, and dogie's who like to frolic in it, but they only do that until their little fingers or paws start to get cold. Way too much work for me too, and it's slippery, and accidents happen, like broken wrists, and legs, and dented cars, and heating bills!!!! And the shoveling, and shoveling, shoveling...OMG! I too can do without it. When I lived in California, I never missed snow a single day...((((Hugs and Blessings))) T

  4. We woke up to snow yesrerday, but no where near as much as you received. Jayden does look to be enjoying himself on that hill of snow. Kids can do that, even with their gloves all encrusted and snow seeping down into their boots, they never want to come in...but hot cocoa changes their minds quickly!

    Enjoy the snow Eileen,

  5. Hi Eileen-

    I love your Winter wonderland pictures. It is perfect - as it should be in any neighborhood. :-)
    Happy snow

    Love Gail

  6. Your pictures say it all! You're right. Snowfall creates a lot of work. We didn't have nearly as much as you. But this morning instead of driving 55-60 MPH, I had to drive 20-30 MPH! The road to church was VERY slippery.

    What did we do before cameras and blogs to capture our daily scenes and stop to think about them long enough to formulate words for them???

    You do such a great job at both - photograph & descriptive words, Eileen.

  7. This is beautiful to me...and I think Jayden is pretty happy about it, too.
    I bought a snow shovel at a flea market...just because we've never had one or needed it. When I came home with it, you should have seen 'the look' Jack gave me. It is almost the same one as he gives when I whip out the camera and ask him to turn the truck around so I can get a photo.
    It is interesting to see that you have to shovel your sidewalks...and nice of you to shovel your neighbors' walkways, too.
    The snow is beautiful....and it does look pretty on the Christmas decorations.
    I hope that the Northeast clears up soon. It's pretty messy out there (or so I hear and read on the news.) Take care of yourself, Eileen.
    Smiles from Jackie

  8. Good afternoon Eileen. I think your home is beautiful! To me it looks so warm and inviting. I like snow until Christmas. After that forget it. Jayden looks like he is having a ball! That's one thing for sure. All of the kids love the snow. My grandchildren always say "No School! Woo Hoo!" LOL

  9. It is gorgeous. I know it must be work, but it is pretty to see! :-)