Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009 Favorites

Christmas Eve

Jayden loves sitting in the balcony at Church so that's where we usually go. We got there very early because every Christmas Mass is usually...

...standing room only!
Early Christmas morning... happy to see that Santa had come!

And later that day...


Jayden usually doesn't like playing with "boring girl stuff!" as he puts it, but he couldn't resist playing with Mia's new Princess Castle.

The next day we got together to open our 'Secret Santa' gifts!

And before, and after, and in-between, LOTS of Christmas fun!


  1. Welcome Back! I've missed you. Looks like you had a very happy and lovely Christmas. I feel like I know you well enough now that I would have felt right at home :))
    My favorite picture is the first one of Jayden looking down from the balcony at the church. That LOOK on his face and his cute adorable!! And of course Mia has her duck! :)

  2. Hi Eileen...It is so good to see your blog.
    I have a hard time picking out a favorite photo...but rest assured I scanned them all for 'da duck'...and I found it....securely in Mia's arms!
    I love the photo of the tree at St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church. It is very hard to get a lovely night shot, and you did a tremendous job. The tree is beautiful. The story of Christmas is a beautiful one....and I wish our Jesus Christ a happy birthday. Thank you for sharing your photo celebrations of His birth. With many warm smiles and wishes for a lovely new year to you from your friend....

  3. Hi Eileen,
    Looks like a fun Christmas. I loved the photo of Mia sitting in front of the tree in her Christmas dress. Very nice. And I loved the Snuggie! My son and his family each got one,there house is cold! Old furnace! Love Di

  4. Umma's world looked very joyful and full of people she loves! Loved seeing Mia's sweet, pretty, little face and Jayden's beautiful expressive EYES!!!
    Recognized almost everyone Eileen...tell Jayden and Mia they did a great job on the gingerbread house!
    Will all of you get together again for New Year's? That's what we will be doing!

    Eileen, I wish all good things for you and your family in 2010.


    I loved enjoying your family Christmas festivities. I was overjoyed with all the love and decor and hope that only family can offer.

    Love to you and to all of your family

  6. What a fun time you had, Eileen! Loved ALL of the pictures. That one shot of Mia in front of the tree hugging her little stuffed animal is precious! And Jayden's happy face seeing the Santa loot! LOL! Loved them all... the cake in the face, the kisses, the secret Santa gifts, all of it. So much fun! Thank you for sharing...


    Sheila :-)

  7. Hi Eileen,
    You had a wonderful Christmas too! I can tell by all the happy faces...I loved seeing Jayden and Mia, they are so precious and children seem to make Christmas so miraculous...Hope you have a wonderful New Year too, and blessings all year long. ((((HUGS)))) T

  8. Eileen it looks like all of you have had a wonderful Christmas! Your church is so beautiful ♥ I love how you have a birthday cake for Jesus. I just may steal that idea next year :>) Your gingerbread house turned out so nice. I also love your idea of secret Santa. We used to do that when I worked and I remember all of us girls loving it. Another neat idea from your house. This has been an incredible week hasn't it? Thanks so much for sharing parts of your celebrations with all of us.
    Love, Carol

  9. So much fun seeing your family, the photo's are great....Jayden and Mia are so cute Eileen, what a treat to have them to celebrate Christmas with you.....beautiful church.
    Big hugs to Jayden and Mia, luv you and all the best to you, Ray all the children, grandchildren and all of your families for a very Happy New Year and a healthy, happy and loved filled 2010......:-) Hugs

  10. There is no doubt that you have had a wonderful Christmas! How Grand!!!! Cathy

  11. Your pictures were wonderful, funny and adorable...thanks for getting so many great and interesting shots...brought many smiles to my face!!

    Is that the church you usually go to? On Christmas we go to the Monastery (The Monastery of the Holy Spirit)for midnight vespers and Mass.

    Eileen, what a treasure 2009 was for me because you were in it and now I look forward to an even more wonderful 2010 with you.

    May the Good Lord bless your New Year with good health and much happiness.

    blessings and loving hugs,


  12. Your post is jam-packed with fun, food, beauty, family and YOU. I thank God for the unexpected pleasure of getting to know you this year. I had NO idea the joy that having a blog would bring me. Looking forward to all that I can learn and all whom I can encourage and bless in the coming year. My love to you, Eileen.

  13. Hi Eileen, it was so fun seeing your Christmas with family! I don't know where to begin mine! I have so many pics to download from my new camera and I haven't had a minute to do it, so old new will be coming soon hehe. Jayden is such a beautiful child. Is Mia 3? Tell me what color of hat to send you...I have several! My gift....(smiles)