Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas In New York ~ Part II ~ Radio City Music Hall

We took Jayden to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and we all really enjoyed it.
We got up early that morning and went for breakfast and then headed up to see the tree at Rockefeller Center again. It is not as impressive in daylight as it is at night, but it's still very pretty and it is a lot less crowded!

Then we headed down the block to the theater.

Can you see the sign on the marquee says 'Riverdance Farewell Performances' will be there March 17 through March 21? Riverdance is an addiction of mine, so first thing we did when we got to the theater was to stop at the box office so I could purchase two tickets (one for myself and one for my friend Barbara who shares my Riverdance addiction. I won't even tell you the obscene amount of times we've already seen this show! But we haven't seen it in a few years, so we need a fix!).
Then we went around the corner to wait on a line that usually extends the length of a long city block, but this year they opened the doors early and we were able to gain entrance to the theater right away!
The Grand Foyer or Lobby of Radio City Music Hall has been compared to the majestic rooms and grand staircases of luxury ocean liners. This foyer is considered one of the world's greatest Art Deco interiors. Art Deco is definitely not my first choice in decorating, but I still find this lobby and staircase impressive:

(This picture was taken off the internet. You can see in our photo of the lobby further down in my post that concession stands have been set up in front of the massive mirrors, one at the foot of the staircase which I thought was awkward.)

Our seats were upstairs on the First Mezzanine:

Here is 'Quest For the Fountain of Eternal Youth', a mural by Ezra Winter

They have a beautiful crystal Christmas tree chandelier in the lobby.

And the lobby is beautifully decorated (but, see what I mean about that stand blocking half the stairway at the far end of the picture? And then patrons are blocking the other half. Poor planning. Why do I even notice stupid things like that?!).

We had the theater all to ourselves at first (but it quickly filled up).

View of the stage from our seats:

On with the show!

Santa Claus opened the show. That made Jayden get really excited!

The famous kick line!

The Rockettes as toy soldiers:

(Here is a better picture I found on the internet of the famous toy soldiers doing their celebrated fall!)

The Rockettes take us on a tour of Manhattan:

They take us into Central Park where the show even has ice skaters!

The Rockettes as rag dolls in Santa's workshop:

Jayden said he loved the living Nativity at the end of the show. I did too!

It really was a Spectacular show!

On the way back to the hotel Jayden was very amused by these giant decorations that we passed:

Okay, we're all checked out of the hotel and on our way home.

Once home Jayden put on the Santa hat that Grandpa bought for him and enjoyed the cotton candy that came along with it! (Umma was not happy. Can you see me in the background with hands on hips? I'm also shaking my head. Cotton candy! Pure sugar! But you know what? I had some too, I had forgotten that it's also pure ecstasy!)

Jayden's already asking me when we can go to the Christmas show again! Next year we'll have Mia along with us too! Double the fun!

Oh, I almost forgot! Jayden wanted everyone to see these light fixtures from the restaurant we had breakfast at, he was very impressed with them and kept telling us all through breakfast, "Take a picture! Take a picture!"



    A spectacular adventure of NYC and Radio CIty and the show and lights and on and on. YOU are so adventurous and so energetic. I have been and done in years past - and it is wonderful to re-live it through you and Jayden and your wonderful pictures. "Thank you" for adding such delight and entertainment to my Christmas season and always so much love and faith and family values from all that you do and share.

    Love to you this Christmas and always

    p.s. Big snow storm on ou door step!!

  2. Eileen....How beautiful New York is at Christmas.
    I would love to go there...and have added that to my "Bucket List." :)) What a lovely time you and Jayden must have had.
    Question: Will you adopt me?

  3. Wow! What a spectacular show, Eileen and a gorgeous theatre, too. I loved going along with you. And Jayden is in heaven with that cotton candy. That makes me miss my cousin who used to get blue when I would get pink. We loved cotton candy, too! :-)

    I'm getting ready to go put my feet up. We were supposed to go to a party, but I'm not feeling 100 per cent. So I called and declined. I'm sure it will pass. :-)



  4. P.S. I tried out and got on a dance team in high school where all of us wanted to be Rockettes. I had to go to a different school that didn't have a dance team, and I thought my father had ruined my life. LOL!

  5. It is awesome, spectacular. I went & had a ball. Was to take the kid-lings today BUT the blizzard threw a monkey-wrench in that event ... hopefully I'll live another year to take them.

    Anyone who hasn't seen it, it is worth it!

    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~Marydon
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    read/follow us @

  6. I have so enjoyed your trip into the City, the show looked fabulous and I loved seeing Jayden have so much fun.....hey it's Christmas let him (and you) have the cotton candy, pure sugar and all. Once in a while it won't hurt I'm sure. I love your energy my friend, I have a hard time to keep up with one blog and you have three!!!! Don't know how you do it but I enjoy each and every one.....Big hugs to Jayden and Mia...:-)

  7. Fun post Eileen...I bet Jayden had sweet dreams after all the Christmas lights and the Radio City Christmas Show, plus cotton candy!
    I guess there's always something exciting to do in New York. Have a great Christmas!

  8. Eileen! What a FABULOUS day! Can I come next year?:) You know, I have only driven through New York City? NEver put my foot on the ground there- believe it or not. Christmas in New York! What a dream! And you would be SOOOO fun to go with!

    About the wrapping party- You bring your items and wrap them at the hostesses house, although Iike your idea of going to others houses and helping! I sure need some extra hands- tee hee... Love you, Sweetie! Lori

  9. Oh Eileen! I made a trip to NYC with Mallory in 2004 and loved it! Just didn't have enough time to do everything we wanted to do. I did see 42nd Street and LOVED it! I think I would be more enchanted with the plays than anything else, even though Orlando gets some Broadway it just isn't the same as when you're in the Big Apple!! Thanks for taking us along! I loved the big lights and ornaments, too!
    Jayden and his "take a picture" are a hoot!!

    Love and hugs,

  10. Eileen...what a fabulous trip you had!!! There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like Christmas in the city!!! And the show at Radio City simply spectacular!!! I'm now ready to climb on a train, and head for NYC!!! I would LOVE to see something so amazing!!! And all the decorations, lights, and cotton candy too? You are the best grandparents in the world!!!! I want to be just like you!!!! Merry Christmas, dear friend!!! Sending you much love! Janine XO

  11. What an adventure!! It would be interesting to know the history of that theater. My son McKay loves Riverdance also. Hope you do a post on that when you go. My favorite picture is the one of you and Jayden snuggled up in the theater!

  12. Hi Eileen,
    I 'love' Riverdance too!!! I think I could be an addict, and my mom sure was. I also love the 'Big Apple' and all the amazing things you can see and do there. Jayden must have 'visions of sugarplums' dancing in his sweet little head after seen all of that wonder. I loved your post, and would sure love to visit NY one day, and just going along with you today, filled me with joy! ((((HUGS and BLESSINGS))) T