Friday, December 4, 2009


One day last week I was on the computer (as usual) and Ray called my attention to this:

What was it that had him so captivated?

He was watching the movie 'Enchanted' and he loved it! Surprisingly, Ray enjoyed that movie too, and I thought it was very sweet.

Now, what is this other little one concentrating on so intently?

(I can almost see her little mind working.)

This little ornament that she has in her hands lights up and she was bound and determined to work the tiny switch underneath to get it lit!

Later I caught her just standing and staring, I asked her what she was doing and she said, "Grandma, I'm just thinking."

While I was babysitting Mia she had a small yogurt for a snack, and then for lunch she asked for cheese & crackers and chicken and breadsticks.

Well, the only thing she ate off that plate was the crackers! Thank goodness for the yogurt!

She really is a good little girl, and she occupies herself very nicely. Here she's inspecting a little Nativity set:

Uh-oh, "There's no ducky here, Grandma"!

No problem, we'll just loan the Baby Jesus one of the many ducks that have taken up residence in our house! Alright! Now the Nativity Scene is complete!

She really loved playing with this little set and she did so for an hour or more.

"Grandma, I think Baby Jesus needs to go visit the little tiny Christmas trees now, okay?"

"Okey-dokey, Mia!"

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend!


  1. So wonderful!!! Thank you!!! You enjoy your weekend too! Cathy

  2. How do you stand all this cuteness???'s driving me crazy not to be able to hug and smooch those two! So sweet that baby Jesus needed a duck and then a visit to the little trees.

    blessings and happy hugs,


  3. She is a living doll, Eileen, and I love your stories. I get such a kick out of hearing Umma tell about her little ones. You bet a ducky went to visit Baby Jesus. He was swimming in a pool nearby and heard all the sheep talking about it. He wasn't going to miss out on the fun! ;-)



  4. I love photos of little children deep in thought, oblivious to their surroundings, for the moment anyway. Jayden and Mia are a joy to you I know, their sweetness comes across in your photos Eileen. Jayden with his hand to his chin and Mia in the sunlight were my favorites. Glad you have "touchable" Christmas things for them to play with! I do too!
    Have a great weekend.


    beautiful pictures of beautiful memories. So heart warming.

    Love to you

  6. I love the Jayden and Mia posts. Everytime I see them I think to myself, 'Have I ever seen 2 grandchildren who look more like their grandma??' Sweet little Mia just is determined to have ducks in every part of her life. She cracks me up!
    Elora totally loved Enchanted about that age too. In fact I made a video of her talking about it. It's on the right side of my blog under our videos and it's title is: Elora: Don't wear too much makeup."

  7. Oh, they are just too precious! You are certainly blessed, Eileen- and how lucky they are to have you.:) I adore Enchanted. Can I come over and play? Lori

  8. How sweet! Those 2 children are so darn cute! I know, I know, I can't get enough of mine either!

  9. Oh I could just hug Jayden and Mia, they are so adorable and I know Jesus smiled when Mia presented her little duck.....I watched Enchanted as well, TCM is one of my favorite channels especially this time of year..I watched Scrooge last night....Have a wonderful weekend...big hugs to Jayden and Mia...:-)

  10. Your grandchildren are blessed....
    They have a loving Umma.
    You take splendid photos...but one (actually two) jumped out at me today...the one(s) of Mia...with the light from the blinds casting shadows on her. Those are magnificent shots, Eileen!!!
    I love visiting with your family through you. You get the greatest expressions with your camera...and your comments about them are precious. Thank you so much for sharing your family with us (me!)

  11. Eileen your grandchildren are just adorable! I wish my family would let me post. I really enjoy seeing yours and what they are up too. What a nice family you have. I hope you have a great weekend.

  12. Thanks, everyone for visiting and commenting!
    I hope you don't get bored with my grandchildren posts all the time, but right now, that's my life!

    I really did enjoy the movie Enchanted to and if any of you ever get a chance to see it I think you'll enjoy it too.
    Jill, I remember that post/video with Elora! She makes me laugh and I love the way she is always advising with such authority!

    As far as the photographs go, that is just pot luck with me! Sometimes they are not even in focus and other times I'm very lucky.
    I liked the sunlit ones too, something about it gives me a feeling of nostalgia, I think because my Mom had wooden blinds in our house, and the way the sunlight would come through the slats onto the toys I was playing with on the floor in our dining room. When I saw the pictures I just got a feeling of my childhood home.

    Carol, a lot of my family does not like me posting about them at all! So you don't get to see or hear about even half my family! And every time I take a picture I have to hear "Oh no! Here she goes! Now we'll be on her blog!" They act like the whole world views my blog! Oh well. What can you do?

    I probably won't be able to post or visit until later next week.
    I'll miss everyone!
    'Hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend!

    LOVE TO ALL!, Eileen

  13. Well of coarse there has to be a duck by baby Jesus! We should have all known that! Quack, quack. It's such a magical time of year for the little ones. It's extra special when grandma lets them play with some of the decorations. I know!
    Love Di

  14. HI SWEETIE!! Wow I have missed a lot!! Your home looks so lovely all lit up!! I'm with the decorating!! Love the elves, too, and your Umma post!! Nope! Never can get enough of your little cutie pies!!

    Trust that all is well with you! Busy here, puter still acting up, but God is good and so is life!

    Love and hugs to you! Thanks for being such a great bloggy friend, Eileen!! Sure appreciate your sweet comments!!

  15. Eileen...I'll miss you, too. Take care of you and have a lovely weekend...
    Smiles from Jackie

  16. Oh, she looks like you!!! And such a beautiful little girl she is!!! What joy your grandchildren must be!!! And how clever to have a nativity set that can be played with!!! Your home looks so lovely for truly is a child's paradise!!! Have a wonderful weekend, my lovely friend!!! Love you, Janine XO

  17. Wow..Jayden and I have something in common :)
    I cried when I saw that movie at the theater..I came out with Sam and my daughters came out of another movie and they all laughed at me...I couldn't help it...It was such a beautiful love story..I was so happy that she ended up with him...I love that movie and watch it over and over again :)
    Please Eileen...please show us all of those snowglobes I saw behind Mia...I love snowglobes!!
    What sweet little angels Jayden and Mia are truly blessed :)
    Love you....Jerelene

  18. Little Children really make Christmas magical!! Enjoy! ((((Hugs))))T