Tuesday, December 8, 2009

For Diana

My friend Diana lost her mother this week.
I join others in praying for her and her family.

When my Mom was on hospice and in a coma I sang the song 'Going Home' to her. And eighteen months later when my Dad was on hospice and in a coma I sang it to him too.
The tune and the words bring me comfort.

The full lyrics aren't in the video so I will write them here:

Going Home, Going Home
I'm just going Home
Quiet-like, slip away
I'll be going Home

It's not far, just close by
Jesus Is The Door
Work all done, laid aside
Fear and grief no more
Friends are there, waiting now
He Is Waiting Too
See His Smile!
See His Hand!
He Will Lead me through

Morning Star Lights the way
Restless dream all done
Shadows gone, break of day
Life has just begun
Every tear wiped away
Pain and sickness gone
Wide awake there with Him
Peace goes on and on

Going Home, Going Home
I'll be going Home
See the Light!
See the Son!
I'm just going Home


  1. I have never even heard of that song before and it is absolutely beautiful! The music even without the words is amazing. I'm listening to it again now. I wish I had a cd of it...I think I will look into that.

    I feel sorry for Diana. So so hard losing one's mom. Today is my Mom's birthday and she would be 80, so of course I've been thinking about her all day long. This post is very timely for me too. Thank you Eileen, and please give my best to Diana.

  2. Your lovely words and song has made me cry this morning Eileen. I love that yousang it to your parents.
    My thoughts are with Diana and also of my own mother. Mother had planned and paid for her own funeral a few years ahead of time...She wanted an old hymn "Come Morning" played, but could never find a recording of it. Several months before she passed I found it at a flea market by chance. It too is a beautiful song.

    She died at dawn one morning...it's as if she knew. This is the ending chorus:

    Come morning, I'll walk by the river
    And I'll rest 'neath the evergreen tree.
    And I'll carry my cross thru the midnight.
    Come morning, there's glory for me.

    Wish we could have a physical presence with Diana, but my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as are all of us Villagers.

    Love to you Eileen and Di,

  3. I don't believe I've ever heard the words of this song past "Going home, going home!" How very beautiful, Eileen. And, yes, Jesus is the Door!

    This evening the ladies of our Bible study are going to the funeral home to be with Becky whose husband also died this week. I am praying the weather doesn't prevent us. We need to be together (just as we are "together" in another sense with Diana).

  4. You are such a sweetheart, Eileen. I love this song in honor of your friend Diana's mother. I think Diana is blessed to number you among her friends, and I know you are a comfort to her.

    My deepest sympathy to her. I know how her heart feels...



  5. That is a beautiful song, Eileen..I remember singing it often in church, not just at funerals, but at other times, too. We that know the Lord are going home, we just don't always know when.

    I'm praying for Diana...this will be a sad and difficult time for her, especially with Christmas so near. Losses at this time seem to be amplified...she will need the presence of the Lord to see her through. I'm glad she has such a wonderful friend in you...You have a big heart, so full of love for others...you are a blessing, and I know you will help comfort Diana's pain right now.

    God bless you, Eileen!


  6. What an absolutely beautiful song...I have never heard it either...I wish I had...I would have sung it to my mom...We are all praying for Diana...my heart is with her...and I'm sure your love, friendship and words will truly bless her! Love you~Janine XO

  7. EILEEN-

    This song is so beautiful, such a tribute at this time of loss and promise. I am so sad for Diana as I know you are, all of us in the Village are, and this moment that you created is so special, justlike you.

    Love Gail

  8. very nicely said Eileen I am sure Di will read this and be comforted as well.

  9. So very tender and loving!!! May God gently greet us all!!! Cathy

  10. What a lovely tribute to Diana and her mother, I have tears in my eyes picturing you singing this song to your parents.....you are so caring, hope all is going well....big hugs to Jayden and Mia:-)

    PS did you get my e-mails, xoxo

  11. Hi Eileen,
    I cried when I listened to the song, and read the words...this is so beautiful. I wish all of us could be together right now to be there for Diana, I know this is going to be a hard time for her. A few days before her mother passed away, she sent me the most uplifting email, and it helped me through my troubled days...I think we are all with her in heart.

  12. Hi Eileen,
    It's been a while...

    I've not been able to visit many of my blog friends these past weeks. But tonight, you were on my mind, and so here I am. I've been reading your past posts for over an hour already!

    This is a long comment, so I decided to just email you the rest of it...

    Well, all I really want to say to sum up is what my friend Amrita (from Yesu Garden) said. She said that the most important thing for her in blogging is the relationship among blog friends. Otherwise reading another person's blog would be just like leafing through a glossy magazine.

    That was an insight that really struck me, for she is so right, isn't she?

    Some people drop by your blog, and leave without even saying hello. Whenever possible, I try to read up, and then stay a while to share what's on my heart. I don't really like reading blogs hurriedly...reading only a few at a time (one or two, three at the most) is what I do... to give justice to what the blog writer has taken time and effort to write.

    Well, enough said. I do appreciate you, dear Eileen.


  13. Thank you Eileen, I love you. Di

  14. Dearest Eileen...just checking in to see if you've posted any of your wonderful thoughts or beautiful photography!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend...Sending my love~Janine XO

  15. This is a beautiful song, Eileen...
    I watched in admiration as the keyboardist did an outstanding job playing it.
    Thank you for sharing it on your blog.
    It is indeed fitting and a loving tribute.