Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Need A Little Christmas...

...right this very minute!

I know Christmas is a lot more than lights and ornaments and decorating and fun, BUT I do like that part of it too! And I hope you like it too!

Tree is trimmed!

House is decorated!

Window is dressed in it's Finest!

The creche has been assembled!

Christmas treasures are on display!

And I hope you enjoy the Elf Sisters! (It might take a little while to load.)
Left to right: Eileen, Marybeth, Diane, Susie, and Ann
(Diane looks the best! Such a happy little elf!)


  1. Good morning Eileen...Your tree is beautiful, I loved seeing your treasures, creche, and your window's finest. You sure know how to light up a house...or should I say Ray does!

    You Elf Sisters were great Eileen! We did JibJab one year, isn't it funny seeing yourself that way...My husband had just mentioned yesterday that we should make one of Alivia.

    Beautiful and fun post Eileen and the sweet comment you left me overnight made my morning. I was up till 11:30, you must have been up even later. Thank you!

  2. Oh Eileen that video was priceless! I would love to hear what your sisters say about it. And I noticed that you were the skinniest elf! Good job!
    Your home and tree look lovely Eileen but I especially love your window, Just beautiful and magical. Love to you, Di

  3. OOOH, not a happy comment disappeared!

  4. I made the mistake of going back before publishing my comment and then I enlarged your baby Jesus collection and that ALWAYS blows away all comments when you go back!

    I had statues of the Blessed Mother and Jesus just like yours when I was in high school but they were the same size...not sure what happened to them.

    Love your nativities and the fact that your window is so perfect for displaying your large set.

    You made a great elf and a great dancer too!

    blessings and hugs,


  5. Hey, Why am I the big moosie one?


  6. HI EIEEN-

    I love your beautiful tree and all your Christmas treasures. ANd that's a lot of outside lights - spectacular!! The manger we have is the very same one I had as a child. I will take some photos. And, some of the figurines were my grandmother's - the manger itself is cardboard! I have twigs inside to hold the roof up!! I love it.

    And the elf sisters??!! Amazing. :-) Thanks for shairng such wonderful tradition and joy.

    Love to you

  7. Good morning, everyone!
    I have Mia coming here in about five minutes so I can't stay long, just wanted to thank you all for visiting and commenting and always making my day!

    Wanda, I was up LATE last night, I didn't get to bed until around 3:00 AM!

    Diana and Marybeth, I wasn't able to choose the bodies for the elves! They just stuck the heads on wherever! But I had trouble with the heads (enlarging and rotating), so we just got what we got, I should have had Ray do it! If I was able to pick bodies Susie would have had to have been the skinniest because she really is a walking skeleton!
    And, Marybeth, isn't Diane the cutest elf? I love it!

    Marcy and Diana, I am still reeling here with laughter from you two! I was giggling in bed as I fell asleep!
    And, Marcy, hurry up with those three hundred Nativity scenes already!

    Gail, I can't wait to see your post, it sounds sweet!

    Okay, I'm off to babysit!
    Have a great day, everyone!
    Love and Laughter and much Joy to you!, Eileen

  8. they were right to make me the elf that is always out of step with the rest.

  9. OMG Eileen, your home looks like a picture post card, it's so beautiful.....I think you could make a tent look beautiful with your creative talent and I am so happy that your grandchildren have such a beautiful home filled with love to celebrate Christmas.
    Loved the video, we did this a couple of years ago and still laugh about it.
    Have a wonderful day.....big hugs to Jayden and Mia......:-)

  10. Love it, Eileen! Wanna help me??? And loved the video, too.



  11. Love your decor'! The window is beautiful. I love the lights at Christmas time. It just makes me smile BIG! My country home was lit up like the Grizwolds Christmas and you could see the 7 thousand lights from a miles away LOL it was pretty funny! Magical and funny! The older I get, the less lights LOL. Love this time of year and seeing how everyone else decorates!

  12. hahahahaha!!!!.........I LOVED IT!!!!...I couldnt stop laughing.....I had to watch a couple of times!!!!
    Whoo Hooo...My MaMa...and you said you could never dance and coordinate your legs and arms at the sametime....but I didnt know you had such a shimmy in your hips and shoulders....Way to Go!!
    Diane I dont think your out of step....your doing the shimmy shake right along with them!!...That was GREAT!!!!!!
    Love You All!!

  13. Wowie, you are one organized lady!I am so slow with the decorating this year but you have inspired me to finish. Your house looks magical!! Jayden and Mia must love it.

  14. LOL How cute is that! I think you are getting in the holiday spirit :>)

  15. Hi Eileen, I forgot to mention how beautiful all of your decorations are. You are way a head of me. Everything is so pretty. I also love all of the lights and decorations at this time of year.

  16. Hello Eileen!
    Your home looks gorgeous! The tree is beautiful and I just love the nativity set in your is absolutely breathtaking!! What a treasure!! After seeing your tree..I felt guilty and am going to finish mine:)
    What a wonderful way to spend Christmas...I bet your family appreciates all the work you put into it...
    Love you....Jerelene

  17. Hi Eileen..... your house and all the trimmings look beautiful!!!!!
    I can really see you love this time of year!!!

  18. Oh wow! I love how you do the outside! That scene in the window is just wonder-full!