Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Road Trip ~ Travel Day 2 and Destination Reached!

After a good night's sleep we got another early start on the road (well, Ray and I slept well, and Jayden slept well, but I'm not sure about Katie and Ellie because Jayden slept across the bed with his head on Aunt Ellie and his feet on his Mommy! And they said he kept tossing and turning and flipping around all night long!):

We made another stop at Crackerbarrel for breakfast...

...but we were so early that the doors weren't open yet!

Locked out so Ray and Jayden sat and rested awhile:

And Jayden found other ways to pass the time, trying to scare Mommy:

It was really cold that morning and it looked so nice and warm inside:

Finally the doors opened and I checked out the shopping area again (I love the Crackerbarrel store!):

We were so early that we had the restaurant to ourselves!

What a motley crew!

Back on the road, and we said good-bye to South Carolina and hello to Georgia!
(Thought about Jackie and Marcy as we drove through Georgia!)

More scenery...

('love the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees in Georgia!)

...and more rest stops and letting Jayden run free for awhile...

...and finally Florida (thought about Sheila as we drove past St. Augustine)!

We weren't going to check into our hotel at Disney World until the next day, but we did the next best thing and drove to Downtown Disney for dinner!

We have two favorite restaurants there, Fulton's Crab House...

...and Raglan Road!

We decided to leave Fulton's Crab House for when the rest of the family would be with us (our son Brian was flying down the next morning, and our son Erik and granddaughter Mia were flying down on Sunday), so we went to the Irish restaurant and feasted on Shepherd's Pie, Fish and Chips, and Ray was so happy to have Chicken Pot Pie WITHOUT peas! And Jayden enjoyed his 'Irish' macaroni and cheese:

We spent a few hours enjoying the Downtown area before heading back to our hotel:

A little reminder of home ~ lego scene of New York City!

When we got back to our hotel we saw this vintage car parked in the lot:

And there was a high school football team sharing our hotel so there were a few of these parked in the lot too!:

Tomorrow Disney World!


  1. I am having so much fun on this trip.....would love to go to a cracker barrel store - restaurant, it really looks so nice.....:-) Hugs

  2. The trip down was fun itself, Eileen. The Cracker Barrel Restaurant near us is a very popular place, it would be great to have one to yourself! Jayden is such a little free spirit, love his tee shirt!

  3. Great picture of the the sculptured plant of Mickey pouring the water into the fountain. You are doing such a good job with this family trip and sharing it with us.

  4. This looks like so much fun! I have always loved road trips. It's especially fun to drive through all of the little towns in our country. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pictures!!!

  5. I love this road trip Eileen! And I'm so glad that Jayden was able to experience it, looks like he was having fun! I love the photo of him on the bench next to the statue! What a poser he is! The crab shack sounded good, I'm hungry! Can't wait to see Disney! Love Di ♥

  6. I forgot, I love the Cracker Barrel store! Isn't it awesome?! Love Di ♥

  7. What a fun trip, and I love Cracker Barrel, too! Don't they have neat things??? And that picture of Jayden with the statue on the bench is priceless. LOL!

    Oh, how I wish you had come to St. Augustine. Maybe I can talk you into it at some point. There is going to be a pirate parade this weekend! And the museum opens soon. So you must bring Jayden!

    The scene you mentioned is near our retreat. I see that every day I'm there, and I love it!


    Sheila :-)

  8. The story and pictures you gave us of outside that restaurant, had even me feeling like I was outside waiting for those doors to open! So cozy and homey inside. Reminded me of a restaurant in the 1960s. I just googled and we don't have a Crackle Barrel within 200 miles of us, so I guess it's not in California.

    Looking forward to Disney world tomorrow!

  9. Oh my what fun!!! So glad you're back!!! It's great to travel with you!!! I have linked you with today's Adventure Tour Express. Thank you!!!1 Cathy