Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Narcissistic Blog Disorder

I came across an article once that said most bloggers are narcissistic and that they had an air of self-importance (I can't remember if the writer was male or female but he/she labeled it 'Narcissistic Blog Disorder'). While I do agree that my blog is all about 'me' and 'my life' and 'my interests', I don't feel that I am any more important than anyone else, nor do I feel my blog has given me a sense of self-importance (not any more than I felt before I started blogging anyway).

The article also went on to say that the writer found most bloggers devoid of empathy. I hope that's not me. I think that I have understanding, sympathy, and compassion for others. And I know all my blogger friends are definitely NOT devoid of empathy. They are some of the most understanding, sympathetic, and compassionate people that I have ever had the pleasure to know.

The writer also complained that most bloggers were opinionated. Well, of course we have opinions about different subjects and we voice those opinions, but I don't think that makes us narrow-minded or opinionated! I find most bloggers to be open to comments and accepting of different viewpoints. Once in awhile we might go off intensely about a certain subject we feel strongly about, and we may be opinionated on one or two topics, but I don't ever think opinionated is the whole of us or our blogs.

But I did get to thinking about a 'challenge' the writer had for bloggers, and that was to post without using the words 'I', 'me', 'my' or 'mine'. Hmmmm. That's going to be very hard for me to do when I am blogging about my life, and my family, and my friends, and my experiences, and my wants, and my desires, and my dreams, and my likes, and my dislikes (hey, this blog does sound kind of narcissistic!).
I am going to challenge myself to blog about anything except myself at least once a week. Unfortunately, even though I won't use the words 'I', 'me', 'my', or 'mine', the post will be about something that is of interest to me!


  1. Interesting that he would think blogs are egocentric. I think people want to share their lives and the lives of other people, and that's why many of us blog. I will have to go count the numbers of "I's in my post today! LOL! And I hope I am empathetic, and I know you are. I don't pay much attention to posts like that because I've always felt it's not the critic who counts. It's the man in the trenches with the blood, sweat, and tears on his brow... and maybe a little writer's cramp. ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  2. If anything, blogging has connected me more to the human race, broadened my world, opened my eyes a bit to how similar we across this world are...more people should blog, it's a friendly thing to do. Friends get to know each other by expressing themselves.

    I don't believe it's narcissistic to blog about one's life, family, friends, experiences, wants, desires, dreams, likes, or dislikes, Eileen.

    It may be narcissistic, if one were stating what other individuals should do, think, feel or believe...with a "I know best attitude!" I don't visit blogs that have an agenda though, they are the ones maybe that are quilty of self-importance....I can think for myself and I love hearing what my friends do, think, feel and believe. It makes for a friendlier world to communicate with your neighbors, both near and far!
    I think I used I, me and my eleven times, hope I'm (oops 12 times) not thought of as narcissistic.

  3. This is a perfect example of someone talking about something they know nothing about. Of course blogs are about ourselves, and our lives, and our family. We can't exactly take liberty with someone else's life. I think blogs are a real blessing. Take you for example Eileen...if it weren't for blogs I would have never "met" you!

    I agree with Wanda. Blogs have made it possible for me to connect much more with others.

  4. Blogging is our 'diary', Sheila ... this other person is missing some great moments & beautiful people ... & YES we are I, Me, My, Mine ...

    Friendships become sisterhood(s), extended family & BFFs ... forever.

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving holiday.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Well, done! Don't know who wrote the article, but I would challenge him/her to walk in to the "real world" and not find someone with an opinion!!! Silly PERSON!!! Don't see any narcissism here! Wishing you well! Cathy

  6. When my daughter first explained what a blog was to me, I had not a clue, She said it was sort of an online journal in which you could write about anything that you wanted to.
    So yes, I do say I and me a lot because all I know is MY life. They say that you should write what you know and that's what I know so, at the risk of offending the author of the article , I just have to say I, me, mine and myself! There "I" feel so much better now!
    And why do we read others blogs to begin with? Personally (Here "I" go again) I like to read about other peoples lives. I find what others do, fascinating while they may feel that their life is mundane.
    If you read other blogs , you want to hear what people say even, and especially for ME, about themselves! I think it makes us feel connected. As though we aren't the only one's out there that is in pain, lonely, bored, excited, happy or sad. It is the human connection that keeps us all bonded. Knowing that I am not so different from you or Wanda or Bernie. The only way that we know that we aren't so different is if we talk about ourselves.
    If every blog post I read was about all of the tragedy in the world, I'd watch the news.
    Sorry for taking up so much space Eileen, BTW, I love hearing about YOUR family!
    Love Di ♥

  7. Thanks for all the comments.
    I guess when I first started blogging it was just for "ME", but then I met so many nice people, and I loved hearing from everyone via comments, and I loved visiting other blogs, and I just sort of look at it all like having a conversation. I go to Diana's world and she starts a topic of conversation that we all throw our two cents into, and then I make a stop at Wanda's and visit with her and comment on whatever she's got going on, and I just keep making the rounds (sort of like knocking on neighbors' doors). And I love to read all the comments too on other blogs. I really don't see blogging as very different from having a 'face-to-face' with a bunch of friends.

    Anyway, THANK YOU ALL for stopping by my place today!
    LOVE YOU!!

  8. Who has the nerve of calling us narcissists? And opinionated? I sure have an opinion about whoever wrote that blog.. Hahaha

  9. Oh, are anything BUT are a sweet a lovely lady...and I have enjoyed blogging with you immensely!!! Through blogging, I have met a lot of genuinely caring people....people who, in fact, care more about others than people with whomI have had had personal contact.
    Love and hugs,

  10. Your last line is the best! Of course the post would be something that interests you. How could you write about a subject or person that means nothing to you, your writing would lose its impact. Personally, the blog you reference sounds like an opinionated, self important, narcissistic writer.

  11. Oh I loved TechnoBabe's comment!
    Love Di ♥

  12. What a good response you've made to the "charge". I couldn't have said it better! (But, as with all criticism, I weigh it and see if there's any truth in it about me....and adjust accordingly.)

    Hope your week has been pleasant & productive, Eileen, and that your family is healthy. I need to catch up a bit. Our vacation was great but put me out of circulation a bit...