Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3 ~ Disney World And The Magic Kingdom!

We were up early and drove over to Disney World, we knew we probably wouldn't be able to get into our room at Kidani Village, but also knew that we could do an early check-in and pick up our park passes, and we didn't want to waste a minute getting to the Magic Kingdom!

Ray at check-in...

...the rest of us patiently waiting in the lobby but anxious to get to the park...

...finally check-in is complete and we have our 'welcome' package!

We were very early and our room wasn't ready yet, so we unpacked the car and left our bags with the bellhop, and then headed over to the Magic Kingdom!

Happy faces as we spot Cinderella's Castle from the bus!

The park was all decorated for Halloween:

Our first stop was the Pirates of the Caribbean:

After the ride Jayden and Paw just had to get on stage to have a sword fight!

Next stop was Splash Mountain!

Jayden was not very excited about this ride, but once it was over he was happy and proud!

Next we took a raft to Tom Sawyer Island which is Jayden's favorite!
He enjoyed a gunfight with Paw (I don't know where they got their energy from, I kept looking for the nearest chair!):

And he loved exploring the dark caves...

...and trying to scare his Mom (Katie was NOT thrilled about cave exploring)!

And he had lots of fun at the fort...

...but he didn't like the idea of Umma taking another rest!

Brian called us to tell us his plane had landed on time and he was all checked-in and headed over to the park, so we met for lunch and then he took Jayden on Fast Track:

We got a text that our room was ready so Ray and I left the kids to enjoy the park while we went to unpack and do a little food shopping to stock the fridge (that was another plus about driving, we could drive off-site to a local grocery store, and this way we didn't have to eat every meal out).

The room, as usual, was wonderful!

The livingroom:

The kitchen:

The master bedroom:

The master bath:

(This bathroom is bigger than some of our bedrooms at home!)

Another one of the bedrooms:

And we were lucky that we had three full bathrooms!

It made it very easy to get out early in the morning!

And this was our view from our balcony:

I loved all these cute towel creatures...

...and I love how Disney makes you feel like it is your home away from home!

Later we met the kids for dinner in the hotel restaurant Sanaa (the decor is beautiful and the food is delicious!):

It was a nice way to end the day!

Tomorrow Animal Kingdom Park and Erik and Mia join us!


  1. I loved the family photo at the end Eileen. It didn't look very crowded at the park, that was nice. The caves were neat. I laughed when you mentioned sitting to rest as just about that time I was thinking about all of that walking! I think I'd have to use a wheelchair!
    The suite was awesome. I could live there. Yes I could, especially with that view. Jayden looked happy the whole time!
    Love Di ♥

  2. That was a great enjoyment, Eileen...for you guys then and for us now...with your lovely post! Your suite was exceptionally nice...a vacation in itself! Great photo of Jayden and his mom and the family!

  3. Hi Eileen-

    your room(s) are gorgeous - so spacious and nicely decorated. Wow! More precious memories - chapters in their and your life stories. Hallelujah!
    Love Gail

  4. WOW!!! What fun you are having!!! Just stopped by to see what you are up to, and such happiness to be discovered here!!! I'm soo glad!!! Sending you much love, Janine XO

  5. Can't wait for the next episode...this is so much better than a soap opera!! Of course I will be playing nurse for a few days so my time may be limited.

    Think alot of places would do well to rent adult strollers...just know those would go over well!!!

    blessings and hugs and smooches!

  6. Disney should reward your wonderful posts. These are great photos and you all look so happy and having fun. I too like the little animals made from the towels.

  7. Amazing post!!! What an awesome story about your father-in-law. I did enjoy this post!!! Reminds me of some other things I am thankful for! Cathy

  8. I can't believe your hotel room....WOW. And 3 bathrooms...are you kidding?? I don't think I would ever want to leave the room to go to Disney world!