Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A quick 'hello'! I hope you all enjoyed a nice Halloween weekend! And I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Fall!

We were away on vacation for a few weeks, we took a road trip from New York to Florida, it was lots of fun and I will post about it either later this week or next week.

(I tried to do this Halloween post yesterday but the pictures wouldn't load, today is better!)

We had a beautiful weekend weather-wise and otherwise! On Saturday Ray took a trip to Calverton Cemetery with his brother Donald and his sister Susie (my father-in-law is buried there):

They also usually stop at the beaches they used to go to every summer (the family had a summer bungalow out in Smithtown on Long Island):

Ray didn't find too many shells, but he did find lots of interesting rocks and pieces of slate and granite that Jayden had lots of fun building with! ("Umma, did you see my creation on the kitchen counter?")

After Ray got home we took a walk around the neighborhood and then met my sister Diane and her husband Steve for a nice dinner at the Greek restaurant down the block from us. I'll have to do a post on that sometime, the food is amazing!

Sunday was Jayden's last soccer game for the season:

Erik, Lori, and Mia joined in the fun...

...and Mia came bearing gifts (I think dandelions are my most favorite flower!):

If you can't tell, it was a cold morning (I even had that shawl wrapped around my head for awhile to protect me from the wind, but Jayden was sweating bullets)!

Here the teams line up for the medal ceremony...

...and treats!

Happy and proud! (I think it's wonderful that they give all these little ones medals!)

Mia says that next year she wants to join soccer too!

Then it was time to dress up!

Here's Captain Jack Sparrow:

And here's Woody:

It was cold but sunny so it was nice for trick-or-treating:
(The little cat is one of Jayden's classmates)

And we were ready inside for lots of visitors too (this is one of two baskets, compared to past years, this year we had quite a few trick-or-treaters come to our door)!

I made an easy recipe that I saw that morning on Nigella Lawson's cooking show. It was a chicken, sausage, and potato dish, all cooked in one pan! And a simple salad. Very easy!
Erik, Lori, and Mia baked us some delicious cupcakes for dessert too!

It was a great weekend! And now, I'm off to catch up on your lives (I did get to visit a few blogs yesterday, but today I'll finish making my rounds).
(Becky, Lidj, and Jackie, I am still having lots of trouble trying to visit your blogs, let's hope today is better!)

Oh! And Happy Election Day! Don't forget to vote! Ray, myself, and Ellie were there when the polls opened this morning and I was so happy to see that a line had already formed!
God Bless America!
(One complaint, I could hardly see the print on the new ballot! I had to double up on glasses and use Ray's on top of mine! I guess it's time to see an eye doctor!)


  1. I am absolutely thrilled to see you, Eileen! This just makes my day. I can't get over how much the kids have grown, and they are precious as usual and what fun costumes!. Looks like you have had a busy, fun fall so far, and I'm proud of Jayden and his medal. Look at how excited he is! And Mia has really, really grown and looks so much like YOU. Pretty as a picture.

    I am getting ready to go vote after I post this. I keep saying that and keep blogging, but it's getting late and is time to go exercise my right to vote! :-)

    Of course, you may copy one of the chicken pictures. You know I wouldn't mind a bit!

    Great to see you, my sweet friend...


    Sheila :-)

    P.S. The next time you come through St. Augustine going to Disney, email me ahead of time, and you can come park in our driveway. We are RIGHT downtown where parking is at a premium, and we are within steps of restaurants and historic sites. I'd love to meet you! I'll even treat you all to lunch at a fun restaurant. I don't think you want to eat Mrs. Magpie's home cooking. LOL! :-)

  2. I almost forgot... they are opening a pirate museum in St. Augustine this fall, AND they already have a pirate harbor cruise! I think that Captain Jack Sparrow would be over the moon! ;-)

  3. To the family of Harry Jansson: My deepest thank you for the service Mr. Jansson rendered to our country. I find myself not giving enough thanks to our veterens...and am deeply touched as I looked at his tombstone. He is a recipient of the Purple Heart...left behind a family that loved him...and I want to say how very very grateful I am that he served our country. May your hearts always rejoice in the wonderful memories I'm sure you have of him.
    Take care, Eileen. I miss you. I love you...

  4. Like Jackie, my eyes filled as I saw all those graves, so sad yet Ray and his siblings must be very proud.
    Loved the pictures of everyone especially the kids, they are growing up so fast.
    I think you will really enjoy the results of your election Eileen and yes God Bless America.
    I love my neighbours to the South.......:-) Hugs

  5. What wonderful pictures...Love the pirate pic!!! Cathy

  6. Missed your post this morning, Eileen; was away most of the day, looking at computers. Jayden makes a great Jack Sparrow and it's cute that Mia was Woody.
    Your family get togethers are always nice to view.

    There was a large turnout of voters here! Waiting results now!


  7. You need to post more often Eileen because Jayden and Mia are GROWING up way too quickly. I feel I'm missing out. I've become attached to your family.

    Here you live clear across the US from me, and I notice they give treats after soccer just like they do here. I guess some things are universal.

    Is there any way you might be able to post the recipe of that chicken/sausage dish? Looks SO GOOD.

    And one more thing...I really like your brown shoes!

  8. Hi Eileen, It was so nice to see a post from you. I've missed your too. It looks like everyone at your house had a happy Halloween. Your little grands are sooo adorable ♥ It sounds like you had a nice trip too. I can't wait to see pictures. Your Halloween meal looks so delicious. A lot of shake ups with this election!I am so glad I have the right to vote. When I think of how women are pursecuted in some other countries it makes me so sad. I am so grateful to live in this wonderful country of ours problems and all.


    Great pictures to share of your family fun. :-) I have missed you. I wrote a reply to you over at my place so when you get a moment, check it out, k?

    Love to you always

  10. What a beautiful post, Eileen! I am grateful for all those who gave for our freedom!! You must be especially proud and thankful! Lovely pictures as always!! So fun to see the kiddos in their costumes!! You are such a happy and beautiful family!!! Just stopping in to say, 'hi!' Love you!! Janine XO

  11. Hi Eileen! so great to see your post and all the fun that was had! What a busy summer right?! Actually I will be so happy to get this year over with! It has been a one heck of a year! Went to see the show "Sectretaria" after reading your post about the horse race...I was so envious! Before I die....I am going to a real horse race! lol love you much, hugs and warm smiles across the miles!