Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile Today!

My four-year-old grandson Jayden was out in the back room off our kitchen while I was fixing him something to eat for lunch. I heard him saying, "Oh, I just love you so, so, much. I really, really love you." I went to the door and asked him who he was talking to and he said, "You know, to her." And he was pointing to a statue of the Blessed Mother.

While I was on the computer earlier today Jayden came and sat on my lap and he pointed to some pictures I have hanging on the wall of my Dad (my Dad passed away when Jayden was only two years old), the pictures were of my Dad as a baby, a small boy, a high school picture, and one of him when he was in the Coast Guard during WWII. I told Jayden it was Pop-Pop and he said that he looked different, and I said that's because he was much younger than when we knew him. Then Jayden said to the pictures, "You're still a good guy, Pop Pop, I still love you."

Just now Jayden told my daughter Ellie that I was his favorite character!!

Jayden was clearing a spot on the floor for him and I to play a game of Memory, and he said to me, "Well, I have to clear a very big space for you because you're too big!"
I guess it's time to go on a diet!!

Jayden was telling Ellie about some of his super powers but then he said, "That's all that I can tell you because the rest is a secret plan between me and God."


  1. Your my favorite character too Eileen! I miss playing memory, it was one of my favorites to play with the kids.And I'm telling you, Jaydens got something special goin' on!

  2. You might be Jayden's favorite character, but he sure is an entertaining character! And since you wrote all this down on your blog, he will have it forever!

  3. Jayden is too cute for words...gosh, can I at least rent him? Maybe you've got a two for one bargain and I could get you for awhile too?