Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Want A Pink Kitchen!

What’s wrong with me? I see a picture on another blog of a kitchen from the 1940’s all done up in pink and I want it!
Now my home is not pastels at all! My colors are more Tuscany, shades of gold, rust, brown, green, with not a pale blue or pastel pink in sight.
My kitchen is definitely not conducive to pastel pink! I was all about the ginger, terracotta, yellow, and gold when we did our kitchen remodel. Our counter tops are dark granite, our kitchen walls are a faux finish in shades of brown and gold. Now how am I going to incorporate pink into this palette?
That’s going to be my mission over the next few weeks, to give my kitchen a little summer pick-me-up with touches of pink added here and there.

While shopping with my friend Barbara last week I saw so many pink dishes, pink appliances, pink mixing bowls, pink utensils, and other pink kitchen gadgets in the household department of the store we were in and I said to Barbara, “Oh, I wish I had done my kitchen in a shabby chic décor!” I do love that shabby chic approach to design, and while I have been slowly redecorating with that theme in mind, I did not favor the pastel colors in my decorating.
Now I want to surround myself with baby blue, mint green, blush pink, and the creamiest of yellows and palest violet.

I’m in one of my “Let’s re-do everything!” moods, and my husband is running for cover! So I’m going to try to be good. I’m going to do a mini re-do of some things in the house. I would like to lighten and brighten things up though, our house is a very dark house, so going with brighter, lighter colors would help. But I’m going to reign in my enthusiasm and stick to small projects, and I’ll try making the ‘old’ look ‘new’ again. First on my agenda is the kitchen and I will be thinking in pink!


  1. get a summer house and start anew!

  2. Never think undoable! Don't let Ray read this right away or he may cringe, faint or have a hissy fit. Surprisingly the dark counters can be complimented (you're so pretty walls...no, no, you're so pretty counter top) by the right shade of pink.
    I have a friend who said EVERY kitchen should have something red in it...can't remember why, but it sounded good, so I've tried to have something red.
    Ray might like shabby chic if he knows it involves places like flea markets, Goodwill and garage sales.

    blessings on your glorious venture,


  3. I've always loved pink. It is such a feminine all our own color. I have a few pink serving dishes that so do not go with my red, cream, and taupe kitchen, but I use them anyway at times. Please show us what pink you find :)

  4. Thanks for your comments and suggestions! dhoff, a summer beach house would be perfection!

    Marcy and Jill, I've always loved the idea of red in a kitchen too! It's bright and cheery! And, Marcy, Ray does like flea markets, yard sales, and even garbage picking!
    Jill, I've noticed in your videos (if they were taken at your house, of the girls singing and dancing) you have a beautiful dresser (by the fireplace I think), it makes me covet my neighbor's goods! It looks like a beautiful old piece.
    Thanks, ladies, for indulging me in my selfish pleasures!
    And thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful stories about your families, your homes, and your lives! I love it!

  5. Eileen, my daughter Ginny had painted one of her many kitchens over the years, bright green, I mean BRIGHT green. She also painted the cabinets with chalk board paint that she would write inspiring quotes on. It was pretty neat! My kitchen is burgundy cabinets and trim with yellow walls. I'm the only one in the family that loves yellow!

  6. Diana, both your kitchen and Ginny's sound really nice to me! I love things that are out of the ordinary! Burgundy and yellow sounds like an especially pretty color combination to me. You must both be artistic.
    My Mom was very artistic, I remember when I was little she had painted our kitchen table a creamy yellow and then she hand painted green ivy leaves all over it, it was so beautiful.

  7. All the colours you have mentioned are truly my favourites. Go for it!