Monday, May 18, 2009

God Reveals His Beauty

I read something the other day that I found very interesting, it was in the comment section of another blog called ‘A Nun’s Life’, and the post had asked the readers to complete this sentence ~ “You know you’re a nun when…”
And Sarah, along with many others in the comment section finished that sentence with a few ideas, but this one that she wrote I liked best ~ “…when you see an attractive guy, your first response is ‘God Revealed His Beauty very well in him’, and then you move on.” I laughed out loud at that.
But I also thought of how truthful that was for all of God’s Beauty here on earth, not just in attractive guys (or girls) but in every beautiful object or event in my life ~ God Reveals His Beauty very well.

Right now think of all the beautiful people (inside and out) that you know, and think of all the beautiful objects (man-made with the Help/Gifts of God, or natural beauty also a Gift of God), and try to recall all the beautiful events in your life (made possible due to God’s Blessings in our lives). Did not God Reveal His Own Beauty very well in these people, and in these objects, and in these events?

I remember a televangelist (who, sadly, went on to face public scandal and public humility) saying once, “God don’t make no junk.” Those words of hers stuck with me, and I try to remember her words whenever I run into people that rub me the wrong way. God made us all, and ‘God don’t make no junk’!
And now I have another quote that I will try to always remember, that God Reveals His Own Beauty in everyone and everything, it might not always be that obvious to me as in the times He Reveals His Own Beauty VERY WELL, but I will remind myself that He Does Reveal His Beauty in some way in each and everyone of us, and sometimes I will just have to take a closer look.

The challenge ~ no matter what the situation, try to see how God Reveals His Beauty.

How did we do on the Weekend Forecast?

Saturday ~
Trim hedges front & back ~ Mission Accomplished!
Alter shower curtain to make skirt for sink outside ~ Mission Accomplished!
Clean out front room and organize toys for grandkids ~ Mission Accomplished!

Sunday ~
Beach/Boardwalk/Fishing ~ Rained Out! It was just as well though because cleaning out the front room turned into a bigger project than I thought, it was time-consuming going through all the toys and sorting them into the different bins, it was much more than a half-day project!

And ~
Welcome Back, Marcy!
Oh, that’s one thing that has not been accomplished yet ~ no Marcy recipe for Blueberry Crumb Cake baked, and no Marcy recipe for Banana Pancakes yet. We’ll have to make a trip to the Health Food store for the Milled Flaxseed before I can attempt those recipes as no supermarkets in our neighborhood carry it!
Until then I guess I’ll just have to stick to baking unhealthy! I think today I may just be baking that three minute chocolate cake that was posted on ‘A Bit Of The Blarney’!


  1. And sometimes the beauty can be so hidden. After this post, I know I will be looking more for it. :) That was a cute quote from that nun!

  2. Eileen, I try very hard everyday to see the beauty in all and everything. It is quite a challenge sometimes isn't it? But I think it's very important that we do. Glad you got so much accomplished but was really hoping you could enjoy the beach as well,maybe next week!

  3. It's amazing that we judge so much from outside appearances but fortunately my daughter Ria made friends with a girl (many years ago, in grade school, in Florida) who had some severe physical defects and that blessing brought our families together and we still keep in touch!

    You sound so organized...think we needed you for the move!! Heck, I could use you around here too...are you for rent?

    I'm surprised that you can't find the milled flaxseed in your local stores up there, esp since it's down here.

    blessings and thank you for being you,