Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Superhero

My four-year-old grandson Jayden tells me that he is a Superhero. He has told me of his many super powers. He has ‘sun power’, he thinks he can make the sun come out on a rainy day (it doesn’t matter if he tries using his power and the sun doesn’t come out for another four days, when it finally makes an appearance, Jayden takes the credit). He has ‘healing power’, he thinks he can heal all sickness and wounds. He has ‘speed power’, he thinks he can move so fast that no one can see him. He has ‘muscle power’, he’s not only strong enough to fight off the bad guys, he also says he has the power to heal sore muscles. He says he has ‘heart power’, if someone has a hurting heart inside he can heal their heart (I know he has healed my hurting heart on occasion).

The other day he said to me, “I’m important.” I agreed, and I told him that he was very important to a lot of people. And then he said to me, “God told me in my mind that I’m special. He said He has important work for me and that is why He gave me all my powers. Me and God help each other because we’re friends.”

I love that Jayden knows he’s special to God, and I hope and pray that he keeps a close ‘friendship’ with God all his life.

I wonder if we all had such a familiar rapport with God when we were little. And I wonder how many of us still have that kind of relationship with God. Maybe God did at one time tell each of us how special we are to Him, and that He had an important job for us to do, and that He was going to help us with that work, and He gave each of us ‘powers’ to accomplish the work of His Plan for us, and we would work together because He was our Friend.
I don’t know if God ever told me a message like that in my mind when I was little, but I’d like to think so. I know that this inspirational little story Jayden related to me will be carried in my heart for the rest of my life, and I hope my little Superhero carries it in his heart for the rest of his life too.


  1. How incredibly beautiful...Jayden is such a treasure. Wish you could have recorded him saying that. He certainly gave me a very special spiritual gift today, so please tell him thank you and give him an extra hug for me. His thoughts will stay with me also, my friend.

    blessings always,


    P.S. You are the ***star*** in my post today, as well as a sweet star in my life!

  2. Marcy, it would be wonderful to have that recorded! I ask him about it everyday because I want it to stay fresh in his mind!
    I really hope he never loses it.
    He talks a lot about 'when he was in Heaven before he was born', I should sit down with him and videotape some of his stories.
    Thanks today for the honor in your blog!!

  3. Isn't that sweet! I just love little boys. Especially 4 year old little boys. He is so confident, and he knows how special he is.

  4. How special Jayden is. Who knows what Gods plan is for him, but it sure sounds like it's going to be something really special.