Saturday, May 16, 2009

Marcy's Gone AWOL

I’m missing my friend Marcy. I’m missing her humor and her spirit. I know she’s not really AWOL because she explained to us that she’d be spending time with her daughter and her family, she’s helping them move to a new home. And it sounds like lots of work, but it also sounds like lots of fun and lots of excitement. And I’m glad for her that she’s getting to spend time with her family.
But I miss her wit, and I miss her posting, and I miss her comments! The Blog World is not the same without her. I like visiting many blogs, some are informative, some are amusing, some are serious, some are religious, some are political, some are helpful, and all are interesting to me. But there are a few that I make sure to visit each and every day, I hate to miss even one new post, and ‘Blessings Each Day’ is one of them.
Hurry Back, Marcy!


  1. Yea Eileen I'm missing our Marcy too, but think of all the things she'll have to blog about for us when she comes back. Although she may have missed Michael so much that it may take her another day or two to get to us!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know what you mean about blogs Eileen. It is a great world to visit everyday. I love learning more about people in other towns, but living lives similar to myself. I also enjoy blogs where the people are quite different from myself. Like I have always said, there is NOTHING more interesting that people.

  3. How super sweet of you...a post on little ol' me. You did my heart good, Eileen, and thank you also for leaving an additional comment as a nice surprise when I got online. Can we be 'blood sisters' or, if that's too yucky, how about chocolate sisters (this may involve stuffing chocolate into each other's mouths, but, hey, I'm willing to 'sacrifice myself')???

    blessings on a special blessing on my life, **you**,