Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Favorites

All my favorites that I’m focusing on today were given to us by my brother-in-law Donald.

Donald is an avid beachcomber, and on his beach excursions he finds many treasures. He has found jewelry, toys, beautiful rocks and shells, driftwood, and my most favorite of all his finds is something he made for us out of driftwood and also the beach glass that he picks up. He has brought me tons of beach glass and I love it all. Today I am just highlighting some of the green and white glass that I have separated out from the rest.

Donald is also very handy (I’ve already posted the pictures of the sink base he and my husband made for me), but more than handy, I would say that Donald is an artisan. He made us this hiking stick out of wood he found on the beach, and after carefully carving (whittling, shaving) it, he then wrote some Bible verses on it and drew crosses on the top of it. I’m sorry some of the pictures are blurry, I am certainly not a professional photographer.

For one of our game nights Donald made a beautiful wooden cross as a prize for the winner, and I was lucky enough to be the winner on this particular night. It now hangs in our kitchen.

Donald also made other crosses for a Mardi Gras Night at his church. The Mardi Gras celebration was held soon after he had come back from New Orleans, he had been there with a group from his church volunteering their time to rebuild homes for those devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The group decided to leave the crosses by the door next to the donation box and anyone could take them. My sister-in-law Susie and I were lucky enough to get the last two that were left.
I love that Donald mounted the cross on a triangle pedestal and wrote the Three Persons of The Holy Trinity on the base.

Weekend Forecast:
(Lots on the agenda [mostly for Ray to do] for the weekend [and weather permitting], let’s see how much gets accomplished though!)

Saturday – Finish Cleaning out Back Room
Rearrange Furniture
Hook up water connection to outdoor sink
Change Motor on Back Deck Awning

Sunday - Early Morning Mass
Plant Flowers at Cemetery


  1. Eileen, I must admit that I have never seen beach glass and have always been curious about what it looks like. Now I wish I had some, it looks like jewels!
    Donald seems to have a lot of talent. I collect crosses.
    I hope you get all of your things accomplished with no rain!

  2. My first at seeing beach glass and I like pretty and different. How does it get there? All we'ver ever gotten at the beach are shells and lots of them broken up.

    Donald sure is talented. all of his work looks great. I need to jimmy up a cross for our garden...can Donald whip one up and throw it over here? Just kidding (sort of).

    Thx for sharing the big to do list...need to show that to Michael as he thinks one thing on his is a BIG list!

    blessings on your week-end adventures,


  3. Oh, girls, I have tons of beach glass! I love it! It's so smooth from being beaten by the ocean waves, I love just picking up a piece and holding it. I've been separating all the colors and putting them into jars and vases like flowers. I'll have to take some pictures and post them for you when I'm done.