Tuesday, May 5, 2009

These Videos Make Me Smile

My nephew William took these three videos a few summers ago and he put them to music, I think he did a good job, and every time I watch them I smile. These videos also make me anxious to have Ray open the pool and usher in summer!

The first one is of my grandson Jayden (he was about eighteen months old here) having fun in the backyard pool with his “Paw” and Uncle Brian.

This next one is of our kids, and some of our nieces and nephews, and my sister-in-law, all just having a good time dancing and being silly. It was taken at a few of our parties over the summer and I think Will did a good job putting it together.

This last one is our nephew Mikael. Jayden especially loved this one and made us play it over and over again, he would ask to watch “Baboo jumping”. For some reason he used to call Mikael ‘Baboo’.


  1. Eileen, I couldn't get the second video to play but either way it nice to watch the other two. It is raining here again and again, all week they say. After watching your videos I remembered what summer was. Thanks!

  2. The videos all made me smile too and you have some good dancers there...why weren't you and Ray dancing? When do we get that video clip?

    Maybe if you tell Ray it's another challenge????

    How did Mikael get to be Mikael and not Michael?


  3. Thanks for the comments, Marcy and Diana!
    Mikael got to be Mikael and our son Erik got to be his name with a 'k' instead of a 'c' because they were named with their Swedish roots in mind. Ray's grandfather's name was Erik Mikael, but when Ray's oldest brother Eric was born his parents wanted to be more American so they used a 'c' instead of the 'k'. Our generation liked the idea of keeping some of Sweden. I was going to name Erik (if he was a girl) Elizabeth as he was born the year St. Elizabeth Seton was canonized. When our daughter Katie was born a few years later I was going to name her something very Irish, like Katie Irene, or I was thinking of Katie Scarlett (but then she would forever be associated with Scarlett O'Hara, which I love, but maybe she wouldn't), so then she was going to be Katie Charlotte (my Mom was Charlotte) but then I thought that I never got to honor St. Elizabeth so we decided on Katie Elizabeth. Our daughter Ellie is actually Elna-marie (Elna for Ray's Swedish grandmother, and Marie for my grandmother).
    Our oldest Brian and our youngest Andrew have no history to their names, we just pulled them out of our hat!
    Now, aren't you glad you asked, Marcy?
    Oh, and Ray dancing???!!! Ray never dances!!
    He shuffles his feet around a little for a slow dance but that's about it. That would be a challenge!

  4. Shuffle!!!

    That is how I protect your toes. If I never pick up my feet, I can not step on yours.

  5. A video of ray dancing is the same as a still photo!

  6. What fun! The Happiness exudes!!! I'm glad I came to visit! Cathy

  7. Thanks for sharing these videos! Your family knows how to have FUN. Isn't that what it is all about....we work, and clean, and prepare...all so we can have wonderful family time!