Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Yankee Game

Two happy guys looking forward to the game!

Four happy guys looking forward to the game!

Ray, Jayden, Brian, Erik

How can one little guy eat so much?!

Jayden looks more like he's in time-out here rather than enjoying the new stadium!

Yankee owner George Steinbrenner made sure to keep Thurman Munson's locker after he died in the middle of the 1979 season. Munson's wife said that Thurman was so proud to be a Yankee and that he kept his locker in pristine condition. When the team moved to the new stadium this year, Munson's locker was moved and placed into the museum area.

New York Yankees vs Chicago White Sox

Notice all the empty 'high-end' expensive seats behind home plate!

Yankees won! Final score Yankees 10 ~ White Sox 0


  1. Oh what a grand way to spend a day with family. I loved all the pics. So sweet! <3

  2. Great pictures! Great day for Yankee fans!

  3. Handsome lads...every one of them...young and younger! Great photo of # 2 at the plate!!!
    Smiles from Jackie

  4. All I can think of when I look at Jayden, is how much he looks like his Umma! I don't know who looks more like you, Jayden or Mia...but the resemblance is so obvious.

  5. Jayden looks really happy in those photos...and so cute eating that cotton candy!

  6. Oh I want to be there too!!!!! One of my dreams is to go to a Yankee game, and your boys look wonderful......:-) Hugs

  7. Oh how sweet Eileen. Those photos were priceless! Do you have any idea how much Jayden looks like you? He has his grandma's same beautiful eye's. Tell me though I bet that Jayden was tired after all that fun! Love Di

  8. Jayden is one gorgeous boy ...... those eyelashes!!!!
    Wow you Americans take your baseball seriously!That's a big crowd.
    Thanks for sharing .... have a great week!

  9. I love how you took two pictures and got those beautiful eyes of Jayden's going in two directions!! Then the pictures of their cute backs!!!

    Does anyone else have the blessing of those eyelashes of his?? It looks like he has mascara on!!

    Such a wonderful post with just one little sad part to it...waaah...waah...the poor Chicago White Sox...waaah.

    Sorry to be so late but it's been crazy just to have enough time to do a post!

    Thank you for the treat of a week-end post from you!!

    blessings and oogly hugs,


  10. Thank you for visiting, Ladies, and thanks for your kind comments!

    Jackie, that's Derek Jeter at bat!

    Jill and Diana, so many people say that about the kids and the grandkids (how they look like me) and I just can't see it! But I love hearing it! Thank you!
    And, Di, Jayden was VERY tuckered out after that! They got there so early so they could walk around and look at the new stadium before the game. I think it was too long for a four year old, but he did okay.

    Bernie, I am not a big fan of any sport, but I would LOVE to go to a Yankee game with you! What fun!

    Fifi, that would be a big YES of agreement with you about Americans taking baseball (among other sports) VERY seriously! It's to the extreme in my opinion! Thanks for stopping in! I've been enjoying your blog so much!

    Marcy, I was thinking about that with the score, and I was thinking about the joke on your blog (at least I think it was your blog) about how the winners never say anything like "It's only a game." It's just the losers who pontificate the merits of that saying!
    And you will be very happy because I am going to post AGAIN later today, just a little post about my niece.
    AND, if Blogger cooperates I will be doing a long post on what I've been up to all week (I'll post it either tomorrow or Tuesday).
    'Hope you had a wonderful Birthday weekend!


  11. What a great post Eileen! Your little grandson is sooo adorable. All of the wonderful things you and your family do with him remind me of our years with our grandson Thomas. We had so much fun together. It looks like Jayden had a great time at the ball game with the guys :>)

  12. Wow Eileen, that was a fun post. Your niece is absolutely beautiful! Jayden is a total character and enjoying every moment of the ball game...looks like they had pretty good seats!