Sunday, August 30, 2009


My niece Jackie fell as she was leaving work the other night and her finger looked like this:

Jackie went to the Emergency Room of a nearby hospital and after waiting for seven hours she still hadn't been seen by a doctor so she decided she was too tired to wait any longer!! She went home to her apartment and took some Tylenol, and she slept for awhile, and then she got up for work the next day, and she decided she would 'fix' her finger herself!
Oh, to be young again!

Jackie is my sister-in-law Susie's oldest daughter and she is the one that our family has labeled 'Most Photogenic' (I did a post on that a few months ago). Here is a picture of Jackie with her boyfriend:

And here is a picture of Jackie that I think belongs on a magazine cover or hanging on the wall of an art gallery. I love this picture! And I love Jackie!

I told Jackie that I 'stole' a few of her photos from Facebook and she wrote and asked me why, she asked, "You're not creating a creepy stalkerish shrine to me - are you?", and I wrote back, "That's EXACTLY what I'm going to do, my little pretty!"
And her response was something like, "Oh if that's the case, I have more pictures. Man, I love the attention!"

And that's why I love this kid!


  1. Good afternoon eileen, Your niece is just beautiful! I'm sorry she hurt herself. I hope she is feeling better today. She really should see someone about her finger. Ouch.... It looks like it is quite painful!

  2. Jackie sounds like a wonderful person to be around...full of spirit, spunk and fun...and quite a brave young lady! Thanks for sharing this post. Well-written as usual....Great job!!!

  3. I loved all the baseball pics on the previous post..It looked like Jayden had a super time!!
    Your niece is very gorgeous and her finger very painful to look at! Ouch is right :)
    Sam is feeling I've got it. I'm just trying to make quick hellos to everyone!
    Love, Jerelene

  4. OH my! That looks painful, so painful. So how did she fix it herself?? I can't imagine.

  5. Hi, everyone, thanks for visiting!

    Carol, I agree, Jackie needs to see someone about that finger, it's just not going to heal right!

    Jackie, she really is a LOT of fun! She has us laughing all the time with her antics!

    Thanks, Jerelene, I'm glad to hear Sam is feeling better, but I'm sorry to hear that you've now come down with this bug! Feel better, Sweetie!

    Jill, I agree, it does look painful, I can't even look at it!
    As far as I know, Jackie just 'popped it' back into place, and I think she splinted it with a popsicle stick! I'll see her Mom tomorrow and ask about it!
    I shudder every time I think about it!
    Oh, Jill, I made your recipe and it was a BIG HIT!

    Have a good night, Ladies!
    Love, Eileen

  6. Oh my, my blood went cold when I saw that finger. Owww.

  7. Oh dear Eileen, I can't look at things like that!! The finger I mean. Jackie is absolutely gorgeous and should be a model!Gosh you all have such beautiful eyes in your family! I do remember your post about her. Cute boyfriend too! So how did she end up fixing her finger. Never mind I don't think that I could handle it!
    Love Di

  8. Jackie is certainly model material, so pretty. Sorry to see her finger that way, it does look so painful....hope it's not broken.
    She sounds like a wonderful niece....another of your blessings my friend....:-) Hugs

  9. Hi Eileen-

    I said "ouch" out loud when I saw her finger and I said a bigger "ouch" when I imagined her "setting it" herself. Brave, very brave and truly, truly beautiful.

    Love you

  10. Okay, how did I miss this post? I even commented on the 'forbidden' blog Stick Close To Home yesterday...did you have a cloaking device on this (have I been watching too many Star Trek movies?)

    Anyway that finger looks terrible...please promise not to progress to posting pictures of blood and guts're scaring me. As wonderful as you are, I would still prefer not to see your gall bladder as they suck it out.

    She is pretty but that finger could be in a horror movie. Aren't ER rooms ridiculous nowadays? I also left one after six or seven's totally crazy.

    Okay, I'm ready for something a little more soothing like a hang nail.

    blessings and squeamish sort of hugs,


  11. I'm guessing that in the grand scheme of things, this finger is going to come out all right! It may be broken, but doctor would probably just splint it like she can do herself. (Or pop it back in if it's out of joint...) Sounds like Jackie isn't just beautiful; she's brave and strong, too.

  12. Hopefully it was just knocked out of place...but I can't imagine pulling on it to put it back herself...I would have waited there all night or pretended to have fainted maybe...on second...I think I would have fainted everytime I looked at it! She's beautiful and brave!


  13. She is beautiful! I'm sorry about her finger though, yikes.

  14. PLEASE HURRY UP AND POST AGAIN AND MAKE THE FINGER GO AWAY!!! (This is also a good, no excellent excuse for me to encourage your wonderful posts!)
    blessings on you and woshy hugs,


    p.s. How is that sad finger doing now?

  15. Hi Eileen, Jackie is a trouper,and a very beautiful girl, but that finger looks was she planning on fixing it herself? My kind of girl too, at her age I think I may have done the same thing though, (in fact, I think my pinky is bent too) because I hate waiting, and I have a high pain tolerence. Hope she is doing better.

  16. Hi, everyone!
    I saw Susie yesterday (Jackie's Mom) and I asked about the finger and she said that yes, Jackie 'fixed' it herself. I asked if she was drunk at the time and Susie laughed. She said no, she was at work the next day and she and a co-worker sort of popped it back in place and 'splinted' it themselves and then taped two fingers together to hold it straight!
    Susie is having a barbecue this coming weekend so I think I'll get to see Jackie then and I'll report on the finger!

    Marcy, you will be happy to know that I plan on posting tonight! So hopefully Blogger will cooperate and take that picture away for you and replace it with something more to your liking!

    I have lots to do today and SO LITTLE time! Yikes! I better run!

    Love to all!

  17. What a lovely picture! I hope her finger was fixed after all.

    Eileen, do hop over to my Aug 31 post as I have left something there to encourage your heart.