Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordful Wednesday ~ Sand Forts

My brother-in-law has built sand forts on the beach
He has built one for Summer and one for Fall and Spring
But the one that I love the most is the one built for Winter
I think you'll agree it's really a most amazing thing!

These all were erected with his own two hands
And I think also a bit of his heart
For there were no tools around to help
He relied on muscle alone to create these wonderful works of art

Climb up in the dunes to a peaceful spot
And you will find hidden away
A very tranquil little place
Where you can spend a quiet day

This guy never ceases to surprise me
With these incredible feats he performs
He's always coming up with something new
And astonishing us all with his many brainstorms!

I had to add this last verse in here now
because I am so very irked with me!
I had Ray change my blog last night
But for this post I should have left sand and sea!

Oh well. Here is Donald's Summer Beach Fort:

And here is Donald's Autumn and Spring Fort:

And last but not least, the Winter Fort:

You would never know that just over this sand dune lies Donald's little oasis.

It's multi-tiered and Donald built steps so it can be accessed from two sides.

Don't forget, he had no tools except a shovel to dig with! And this thing is built solid as a rock!

He built it with only the things he's found on the beach.
He said that sometimes people will leave rocks and shells for him, and he uses them to decorate his little utopia.

He found the top to a cooler and uses it as a bench.

I told him I think it needs some kind of tarp for a roof now!

And here's just some random pictures of fun in the sun!

(Okay, here's Donald 'drowning' in the surf. You feel like laughing too, you know you do!)

On a different subject ~ I was trying to take pictures to participate in a 'Tablescape Thursday' post on my other blog. The whole theme of the tablescape was some alone time with my husband.
Well, look who decided to stick his smiling little face into the picture!
No, it's not Ray!
And it was the best photo I had of the glassware too! Oh well.
Another funny thing, Jayden asked me, "Umma, are you taking these pictures for Marcy?"
I guess when I say I'm taking pictures for my blog he associates my blog with Marcy!

Happy Wordful Wednesday everyone!


  1. Well Eileen I don't know where to begin! I love the new background, the colors are beautiful! And I don't know where you found the header picture but I love it, is it one of your photos?

    O.K. I decided that if I were not married I think I might like to meet Donald. I love the forts and would have had fun helping to build them! However I am still in love with my husband but alas there surely is some nice woman out there that would like to meet Donald! I can't believe that people actually leave him little trinkets to decorate with. Perhaps they know about your Tablescape Thursday and want a photo op!

    And finally you have to use that photo of Jayden for your Tablescape post. Not only is he adorable but it would be interesting to see if anyone notices him there. If you focus only on the glassware, one might not notice him in the background!

    I know that we are not supposed to be jealous Eileen but I am sooo jealous of that beach!!!!!!!
    Love You, Di

  2. Okay, this is a day for FORTS...I need FORTitude because I lost my comment to you in cyber space...let me see if this will go with blessings and smooches

  3. It worked so MAYBE I'm safe...let's see where was I? Or who am I?

    LOVE that cute Jayden to bits and pieces...PLEASE give him a smooch and hug from me. He tickled me pink (your fav) with asking if you were taking pictures for me and I just LOVED LOVED his little face by the glasses!!

    The forts are wonderful and I need a fort in my backyard. How does Donald decide the seasons for each fort? Do people ever mess them up?

    I'm scared, so I'm stopping now and posting this.

    blessings and sandy, forty type hugs,


  4. What a wonderful adventure you have taken us on! Thank you!!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

  5. Aww. What a sweet post. Your brother-in-law did a fab job on those beach houses. You all must of had a fun time watching him. It looks like you all had a fabulous summer day spending it at the beach. Thanks for sharing the photos. I can see through your post that family is imporant to you. It's important to me to. Family is everything. Jayden looking through the glasses was a cute picture to. Is that your nephew? Have a great day!

  6. I forgot to thank you for adding my blogs to your blog roll. That was very kind. Not everyone will take the time to do that. Thanks.

  7. Hi Eileen, what a great post. I love the picture of Jayden running on the beach and of him with your glasses....he is so cute.
    Well now those forts look like so much fun to build and play in, actually Donald probably was playing when he built them.
    You have a wonderful family Eileen, always keep them close and dear to your heart. I love how you share them with us, brings much joy to everyone.
    Luv you.......:-) Hugs

  8. Diana, you are too funny!
    But Donald probably wouldn't have let you help, we had no idea he did all this, he talked a little about it, but we usually go to another beach and then one day he suggested we go to his town beach so he could show us his forts. Susie and I were saying it must have taken him hours and hours for days on end to build his winter fort! He does spend lots of time at the beach, and he does like to spend lots of time alone too. And I guess he likes to keep busy! Me, I'm happy to just sit in the sun!
    Oh, and, Di, people have left sunglasses there, and I also looked in the plastic bag that was hanging there and it was a bagel inside! I think people think he's a squatter living on the beach!
    I think I will try to work Jayden into the post for tomorrow's Tablescape!

    Marcy, sorry you're having Blogger problems! Tamara has a post on fortitude and 'hanging in there' today!
    And Donald said his Summer fort is just a little place to rest, and a little protection from when it's windy, the Fall one is a little more protection, and the Winter one he dug really deep and made those amazing walls and it's lots of protection from the cold wind! And, yes, unfortunately some people do mess it up, he was saying he was embarrassed because he didn't get a chance to clean it first!

    Thanks, for stopping in today, Cathy, I really enjoyed your post today! St. Brigid is a favorite!

    Anne, I like to add the blogs I follow, not that Blogger always cooperates by telling me when someone has posted new, but most times it alerts me! I've been enjoying your blogs a lot too! I agree that family is everything, my family is my life, my comfort, my therapy, my joy (along with my sorrow sometimes!), but really I do appreciate them in my life.
    Donald worked on those forts all by himself, we had no idea!
    Jayden is my grandson and he and my daughter (his Mom) live with us along with another grown daughter.
    Thanks for stopping in!

    Bernie, I think you are right, Donald must have had lots of fun building those forts!
    And thanks for saying such kind things about my family, I do love them a lot and enjoy spending lots of time with them, and it's nice to hear that you enjoy reading about their antics! It's my life, so it's what I write about.

    Thanks everyone!
    I have Mia here now too and I have to go break up an argument over how to build with the Legos!
    Love, Eileen

  9. Hi Eileen -

    First, nice new look here. Wow. -)
    And Donald is quite resourceful - I kept imagining him sa Tom Hanks in Cast Away! Amazing.

    Love to you

  10. I can just smell the ocean reading your post! What a creative poet you are!

  11. That is so funny, a squatter on the beach! I'd tell him to keep it up maybe he'll get some good christmas gifts!

    Was there cream cheese w/ the bagel?

    Love Di

  12. Love the new look, and your post as always is wonderful. I also want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your support on my blog, I am new at this and you have made it such a pleasure.I am really so greatful for your support. Oh and it would be great if you could come to the sale this weekend, I would so love to meet you in person, I think we really have a lot in common. Looking forward to your next post..

  13. I love the new look of your blog Eileen. Very pretty indeed. I want to live by the sea! All of your pictures are beautiful. The fort is wonderful. I can't believe it was built with no tools. How talented and creative is that. I hope you are having a wonderful week.

  14. Eilene...I'm not kidding...I left a nice long comment this morning around 6:30...and it's not here.

    Anyway I just thought Jayden was so cute running in from the shore line, he always has the biggest you know he's a happy kid...and your brother-in-law Donald is still a just kid at heart isn't he?

    I was showing Annette the shell plate with all the shells and the tumbler of sea glass...she loved the way you have beautiful handwriting Eileen.

    Our computers have been down all day. Herhusband and I switched with each other...all the photos were on his, so when I did a post I had to use that one...the rooms are side by side...but it still was complicated with all the printers and scanners to deal with...I ended up with the best, but it was his idea to do it...So...I missed a post and poem today...don't tell Marcy!

    Take care and have fun in the sun while you can with your wonderful family Eileen.


  15. Hi, Gail, it's funny you say that about Donald because I was just thinking lately that he would be good to have around if you ever got marooned on an island! But my sister Diane always said if she had to be marooned with one of the guys from our family it would be Ray because he's so resourceful, she said Donald is too, but she's afraid he'd do away with us for food! I laughed so hard I cried!

    Thanks, Jill, you're sweet! Loved, loved, loved your post today about Logan's family and the video of the twins was adorable! They are such happy, healthy babies!

    Di, I didn't inspect the bagel! You are too funny! I should have gotten photos of all the stuff people left behind. Some things you could see were just tossed as trash, but some things looked like they were placed there very nicely. I really think people think he lives there!

    Donna, you are very sweet, thank YOU! And I hope all goes well for you this weekend!
    I don't think we'll be there this weekend, but you know I am bound and determined to get there, I'm going to surprise you one weekend!

    Carol, thanks for stopping in! And I hope you're getting a lot done. It is amazing isn't it how much you can accomplish when you tear yourself away from the computer?!

    Wanda, I just thought that you were very busy today and didn't get a chance to stop in. I saw in a comment that you had spent the day with your grandsons.
    Blogger really stinks sometimes!
    Half the time it won't let me comment! Not even on my own blog! Or I'll read a few comments on my blog in the morning and I come back in the afternoon and it says I have zero comments! I think it's trying to 'Gas Light' me (remember that movie with Ingrid Bergman?).
    And, yes, I agree that Donald is a big kid at heart! I always thought that. And Jayden is a pretty happy kid and he makes me a pretty happy Grandma!
    I'm so glad you liked the little sea treats!
    Thanks for stopping in AGAIN! I appreciate it!

    'See everyone tomorrow.
    Good night, All!
    Love, Eileen

  16. What IS this??? "Everyone" seems to be coming up with beautiful changes to their blogs! What a guy - Donald! And like others, I am jealous of your beach experiences. Such fun. What do you do in the winter?

  17. I want to be there!!! How wonderful!! The photos of the beach are so good...and I love the love that you have for your family.
    I haven't been here for a while, so I hadn't seen your new backgoround! It fits you perfectly....rose petals...sweet and brings happiness to others.

  18. this is a fresh wonderful new look for your blog! How wonderful to be able to go to the beach and just hang out whenever you want. The only concern I had were the tire tracks where you had set up camp for the day! WOAH! Jayden is right in the middle of the second set of tracks, hope they didn't plan on coming through any time soon! Loved your post.!

  19. What a neat fort, Eileen. It's like playing house. Your brother in law is very creative and your little boy's so cute!...Christine

  20. Hi Eileen! I love what you've done with your blog...and it's pink!! I LOVE it..
    I love all your beach fort pictures..your brother-in-law is really a great guy isn't he? I love the pic of your pretty glasses with Jayden peeking through..too cute!
    I also loved the post about your Pop and Mom and missing them...I'm sorry that they aren't there for you any more...that's sad..they must have been wonderful people because you are a wonderful person and they would be so proud of how good and sweet you are!!
    I have had a super busy week and just can't get the time to sit down..Homeschool co-op parent and teacher meetings and Sam got his Cello today!! I will try my best to post tomorrow!
    Love, Jerelene